Superior Court, Statement of Claim: Fore Word

This Fore Word to My Statement of Claim is designed to Give My audience and the Common Man a more comprehensive understanding of its content.  With the exception of a few remaining small edits to tidy up the Table of Contents, the full Writ of Claim has been typed Word for Word as it was Presented to the Court, in Colour.  The Colours are also exactly as they were used in the Original Statement of Claim.  This was something I had planned to have prepared ahead of time, ready to publish on the day of filing with the Court.  The Claim was officially filed on Monday, October 4th, I finished the typed version yesterday.  Keep in Mind, this is the real Common Law Court (the world We Live in everyday).  The Idea to typing it out and Posting it on My Public Domain, is that now I only have to provide a weblink if defence complains about it being Hand Writ – now they can go to My website and print a copy in black and white or colour, whichever they prefer.  That is also why I am placing this Fore Word on a separate Page (so the Statement of Claim can be printed as a stand alone Page/document).

First, let Me quickly review the Colours [of Common Law] and what they mean.

Red = Attention; Whenever red is used in a document, it is to draw special attention to something of importance.  Man’s legal fiction likes to use ALL CAPS for the same purposes.  Red is used to represent warnings, imporant information, Titles, and Authority.  The [Red] Superior Court Seal is a reflection of the Common Law Jurisdiction and the Authority of the Sovereign (Crown/Queen) in the very same commercial Jurisdiction. 

On a more esoteric level, Red represents the Living Man, the Will, blood fueled with oxygen, which is why it is also connected to Fire (oxygen feeding the flames).

Purple = Royalty; Though red is quite common, One Will likely never see purple used in a legal document (unless You receive a Statement of Claim from Me).  Purple represents Royalty, and therefor, the Crown.  It represents the Words and Will of the Sovereign.  In contrast with red, which also represents Sovereign Authority, Purple is also recognition of Royalty in the Commercial fiction.  It’s kind of like saying ‘Nemaste’ in Writing; the Divinity in Me sees and acknowledges the Divinity in You’.  The Authorative Powers of the Sovereign (red) are merging with the waters of Commercial Admiralty (blue), which Creates Purple.  It represents the Union of the two opposing Jurisdictions, the commercial, and non-commercial.

Blue = Commerce; Often People presume that blue represents the Common Law, which is not True.  It does represent the individual, but it represents a ‘lost’ Soul.  The body moves but not by the Will of God, it represents a Man suffocating, drowning, blood with no oxygen.  These are the trampled Souls from the Lust Card I was speaking of.  The People Live, but they know not what they are Living for, the Spirit of God, Divine Purpose has not yet found them.

Black = Death;  Corporations, incorporated body’s.  Technically, most of Man in the Common Wealth holds this status in law, a body incorporated.  A dead Title with no rights to property or family.  The Word ‘holds’ is Key to comprehending this, as the incorporated person is not the individual, it is a thing the individual is ‘holding’, and that thing comes with contractual obligations. (Commercial codes of conduct).

The city of Ottawa received a colour copy, the Salvation Army received a black and white copy.  It doesn’t really Matter to either one of them, black and white is fine.  I presume the Courts Will know what the colours mean, but taking the time to Write it out the Way that I did, is because I am the ‘Author of the Writ’, which is literally what the Word Authority means.  The thumbprint may not seem Significant, but a King’s thumbprint is His Seal; the Hand of the King represents the Authority and Will of the King.  Typically, One loses their authority by filing the Claim because the Court ‘Seal’ Claims authority over the contents of the document, the creative Work, the intellectual property was just handed over to the Court.  The ‘Seal’ is what costs $229.00.  How much is One thing King My Seal might be worth?

Lord Sean, House of von Dehn Verses The City of Ottawa and The Salvation Army Booth Centre

I have the original, Hand Writ Statement of Claim with both My Seal and the Seal of the Court on the Face of the Claim.  I Will tell You right now, the Version I am holding is worth considerably more than $229.00, and it is also the newest Chapter in My Story.  Which leads in beautifully to the main reason for this Fore Word to My Statement of Claim (even if You’ve already read it).

The Idea of sharing everything I am doing in My microcosm with My readers is to lead by example and in this particular case, to help make it easier for the Common Man to defend Her rights in a Civil Court anywhere in the Common Wealth.  Preparing a Statement of Claim is really not that difficult.  Despite having to research a few forms, I have the appropriate pages bookmarked for future reference and it Will be virtually effortless if I’m ever required to do this again – and there is every potentiality that I Will.

The format of My Statement of Claim is proper, especially now that it is available to view in type.  All the Forms required by the Rules of Civil Procedure are included and current at the time of filing.  The Key, Glossary of Terms and Table of Contents are not required, they are additional Pages I recommend.  Try not to be too distracted by the content, My candid tone is intentional.  But if One were to ensure they had the most update Forms with respect to Rules of Civil Procedure and Created (or omitted) their own Glossary and Table of Contents, One could simply customize the Titles and Arguments to Suit One’s unique Claim.  The Way the Story and arguments are Presented in a chronological timeline is proper.  Sometimes People like to use reverse chronological Order.  The main point I’m trying to make here, is that it should read like a Story, that’s what it is.

My Statement of Claim is undoubtedly exceedingly Creative and not like any other Claim any One Will ever read if Writ by a lawyer.  I’m not a lawyer.  Everything was done with intention and I am dealing with a particularly unusual situation which I feel calls for a little extra humour.  I don’t recommend being candid or funny when One is making One’s arguments; I’ve developed an unusual sense of humour because I’ve been dealing with some of these Issues for a considerable amount of time.  Humour is Good medicine for the Soul.

The most important thing, is that One can Stand on the arguments they are making in their Statement of Claim.  I can Stand on every Word I Write, which Gives Me considerably more Creative freedom in My Claim.  Although I am Spiritual and it would not be beyond Me to use the odd Biblical quote in My Writing, I would not typically make so many references in a Statement of Claim.  However, in this particular case, the organization responsible for the harm is claiming to be a Christian organization founded upon Christian philosophy and the teachings of Christ.  It is appropriate to reference the Bible in this Case as it amplifies the hypocrisy.

The other reason My Statement of Claim takes on a more candid tone is because it represents something much more sinister than a commercial claim.  As much as I Love to be tall King and Writing about God’s Kingdom and how it’s available to every One, the Truth of it is even more Powerful.  Claiming God’s Kingdom is a very serious thing, a Sacred thing, a Sacrament (Sacred-Mind).

“Hallowed be My name.”

These Words mean something, I have made these Declarations, and it is known that I have done so.  Consider what the consequences might be if the things that were done to Me had been done to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II.  Would the charges against the city of Ottawa and the Salvation Army seem more serious if they had been done to the Queen?

The tiniest details are of the greatest importance.  In addition to filing this Claim ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, a Notice to the Registrar is also on the Record, advising the Court that ‘Lord Sean, House of von Dehn’ has the Power to discharge any costs necessary to protect the Common Law rights of Canada’s People in His Duty of Service to God and the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II.

The problem is, trespassing upon One who has Claimed God’s Kingdom is very serious.  Like, treason serious.  Same applies to harm done to One Acting On Her Majesty’s Service.  It wouldn’t even be ‘proper’ to suggest in a Canadian court that One is not Acting in the Service of Her Majesty because it is the Oath or Affirmation of every citizen.  So in My particular case, with respect to My Statement of Claim, the ‘candid’ tone is something of a Friendly reminder that these are serious Matters if Presented to a Court.

If this Matter does come before a Court, things Will get very interesting very quickly.