Ontario Works – Without Prejudice and Under Duress

Here is My reply to Kristine Haines-Chiarello’s determination that I do not have any right to revoke My consent to be governed.


Although I know that Kristine Haines-Chiarello does not consider compelling Me to file for documents I do not Wish to use to ‘identify’ My Life (and the Purpose of My Life under God) in Order to continue to receive the financial supports necessary to maintain My accommodation and most basic necessities to sustain My Life in Good health, I very much do.  And franky, it is a threat that is causing Me serious distress because I feel as though I am being forced to abandon My Trust and Faith in God to satisfy arbitrary requirements of the OW ‘Act’ and My Spiritual beliefs are deeply integral to My Way of Life.

I also find the timing especially ‘convenient’ because I don’t believe in coincidences and this ‘threat’ that I must apply for the documents indicated in Orsi’s email to Me was in direct response to Me pointing out that You were threatening to revoke the supports necessary to sustain My health if I do not ‘freely and voluntarily’ agree to provide access to My personal health records while threatening to revoke those provisions for failure to comply.  The fact that it is part of the OW Act does not negate the threat to My health and well being for failing to comply.

I am curious to know why this has become an Issue now and was not an Issue at the time of My application as I have not owned a BC, Health Card or SIN for many years – in particular, I have not owned a Social Insurance card since I lost the one I did apply for 28 years ago.  I know the number and that’s all I’ve ever needed.  The document You now claim You cannot accept as ‘ID’ was accepted when I applied for Social Assistance in June of 2017.
So I would like for You to reiterate the minimum documents required to satisfy this request and I am going to comply with Your order under duress for threat of harm of revocation of the ‘benefits’ I currently receive.

Similarly, I am also going to comply with Your Order to have the medical diet allowance Signed by a doctor under duress for fear of losing access to the sustenance necessary to sustain My health.  Considering there is allegedly a pandemic right now, You are also as King of Me to subject My Self to a high risk environment where I am more likely to be exposed to People with covid which suggests You are compelling Me to place My Life at risk to satisfy this obligation which I feel is completely inappropriate and irresponsible.  But again, I am going to comply under duress because I feel You are literally threatening to destroy My Life if I fail to comply with Your orders.

So I would like to know how long I have to satisfy these obligations and if financial supports will be provided to cover the costs of the relative applications.

I would also like to reiterate My request for full disclosure of a COPY of all documents You DO have on My file as soon as possible.  A third request was sent to Orsi Monday morning and I have received no reply.

I am Writing this email ‘without prejudice’ because I do believe You are trespassing upon My right of self determination, as You have explicitly indicated that You believe I am a bonded, indentured servant to Canada’s government without recourse (“the City…  does not share your views with respect to the ability to revoke one’s consent to be governed;”) and I remain of the opinion that My inherent rights and the international obligation on the part of Canada to afford for the protection of those rights as well as My constitutional right to freedom of religion, conscience and thought are superior in authority and jurisdiction to Your ‘Ontario Works Act’.

So please be advised that if it is determined by a Court of competent jurisdiction that any of these requests do in fact trespass upon My inherent, legally protected rights, I Will be as King for $100,000.00 for each order I am compelled to obey under duress and without prejudice for fear of threat of harm to My Life and well being.

For the moment, I hereby swear that I am Sean Stephen von Dehn, a Living Man and that I have not engaged in fraud or deceit in My application for Ontario Works, I am simply trying to regain control of the incorporated person created by the state in My name and without My informed consent.

The government of Canada website states that affidavits do not need to be notarized in Order to be legally binding, they can be sworn before a Justice online and I believe Orsi is a commissioner of Ontario Works so perhaps she is able to satisfy this affidavit of Truth as a witness.

Thank You, 

Have a beautiful day,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.