Orsi Vancsody; New Benefits Issued

Well, I received the following email from Orsolya this afternoon.

3:53 PM, May 26, 2020

COVID 19 Emergency benefit issued May, June and July 2020 for $100 each month  Due to the Delivery costs for food, medical supplies or other essential supplies for recipients or families who are self-isolated or quarantined.

Well, I suppose it’s better than nothing, though it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the emails I’ve sent. However, I was also wondering why I hadn’t heard any Word yet with respect to My request for special diet allowance. I filled the form out My Self and insisted I am the authorized health care professional of My Kingdom. The form was sent almost two weeks ago, though I did not affix postage, I used My thumbprint with the Words ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ Writ underneath, so I had no real Way of knowing if My Letter would be delivered. A few minutes after receiving the first email, another arrived with news of My diet allowance!

4:15 PM, May 26, 2020

Hi Sean

Due to covid 19 the special diet forms at this time do not require the signature of a dr or nurse,Special diets processed under the temporary measures are assigned a 6-month duration only

So I am able to approve only for 6 months  and enter for you the weight loss diet you declared to me on the file A payment of $191/ month will be issued to you from June 2020 until Nov 2020at which time the form I mailed to you would need to be completed by a nurse or doctor

Thank you 

Okay, I officially dislike the new ‘blocks’ editing format on WordPress but there is continual pressure to use it – it is so much less efficient than the standard editing format. I had to change colour and size of font for each of the above paragraphs separately. It allowed Me to save the settings to a new ‘block’ type, but of course it doesn’t show up when I Wish to start a new ‘block’ (paragraph). Anyway, I digress, excuse My rant, that was for WordPress.

With respect to the email from Orsi, it is a step in the right direction, and it confirms My Letters sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ are being delivered without postage. Honestly, I’m not sure if every One can do that or if it is because I Writ the Queen to inform Her Majesty that I would be defending the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People in Her Honour. Generally, only mail to elected officials (MP’s, MPP’s, PM, MOJAG, etc.) are guaranteed delivery without postage, though I have successfully mailed letters to a private dental clinic and the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, which can generally only be done by Governor General’s Acting on Her Majesty’s Service, according to Royal Mail (the parent company of Canada Post). So it is encouraging to know they are being delivered. And just so People know the reason why I am sending ‘OHMS’, no mail is free, somebody gets a bill – in this case it would be Her Majesty or Royal Mail in Her Majesty’s Honour. The Key here, is that there Will be a receipt for every Letter I send, and the Queen Will have some kind of Record of these Letters being sent.

Anyway, as We can see by Orsi’s email, it appears as though Orsi is still acting as though I am not the legal and lawful administrator of My wealth or the supreme authority over My health care. If I do not respond to each of the presumptions of Orsi’s email, I am ‘consenting’ to this belief. So I responded as follows:

4:25 PM, May 26, 2020

Hi Orsolya,

Thank You, but once again, You are incorrect.  The government of Canada does not have any legal right to administrate money on My behalf, I have revoked the government’s right to administrate the value of My life and suggesting I do not have the right to freely administrate My own wealth is Willful intent to trespass upon My inherent right to self determination, protected by Universal Law and ratified by Canada in the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  Also, You are not acknowledging the other requirement for chronic health (My teeth) or harm to 10% or less of body, and the preventive measures to protect Me from the other medical conditions by maintaining optimum body health and diet.  You Signed an obligation to endorse all health care requirement as determined by ME – and I have this document on My records, so YOU are PERSONALLY liable for breach of Trust if You fail to administrate the other allowances.  Again, contact Anne Charette or a lawyer if You think I am joking.  A complaint was filed with revenue Canada for fraudulent administration of My Estate without My consent.

Thank You,

Lord Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God

Of course, with the Covid-19, My emails now ‘bounce back’ with a message stating that all offices are closed, though all services remain available.  I can phone anytime to take care of business with Orsolya but they don’t offer any benefit for phone, it is not considered an ‘essential’ service.  So if I am going to use My phone to contact Orsolya or any other government organization, the government Will pay for it until I am free to administrate My own wealth as necessary.

Either Way, for now it brings My monthly ‘salary’ up to roughly $755. a month, which is a little more reasonable ($465 previously).  

Love and Blessings,