Second Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa

Deanna Vecchiarelli failed to respond to My Letter of reply to her second e-mail.  After waiting roughly a week, I checked the status of My complaint on the city’s website to discover the file had been closed without any reasonable resolution.

On Wednesday, January 23rd at 11:00 a.m., I filed a second complaint, this time for the city’s failure to reach a reasonable resolution to My first complaint, and for withholding the rental portion of My cheque necessary to sustain a safe and secure living environment (a modest room I had agreed to rent from a Friend in the community).  Frankly, this appears to be a Willful attempt to ignore My complaint with the intent to demoralize My character by compelling Me under duress into the very same situation I was complaining about in the first place.  Demonstrates quite clearly how seriously the city takes the rights and dignity of those subject to social welfare.

My second Letter of Complaint reads as follows:

Location of problem: Discrimination by city of Ottawa Community and Social Services as retaliation against previous complaint with city of Ottawa for failing to maintain Emergency Shelter Standards that trespass upon the dignity and rights of Canada’s People subject to social welfare and/or homelessness and poverty. Requesting an internal review.

Staff person(s) involved if known: Deanna Vecchiarelli
Nature of complaint: I filed a complaint after being expelled from the Salvation Army on November 1st 2018 for complaining of the deplorable conditions and degrading treatment clients are subject to by manager Jason Prevost. A complaint was filed and the ‘resolution’ suggested by Deanna Vecchiarelli was that I be placed in another shelter, subject to the same review board and deplorable conditions that exist and persist because of DEANNA VECCHIARELLI’S failure to ensure Emergency shelters in the city comply with the Emergency Shelter Standards, and failed to acknowledge that a man is entitled to compensation for damages when his/her rights and dignity are violated. I asked Deanna in plain English to explain why the city is paying 1240/month to shelters per diem per client when that same [taxpayer] money could be used to get these individuals into dignified housing. There appears to be a collective cover up and blackout of the deplorable conditions People are subject to at the hands of emergency shelters, and My guess is that the city is not responding or acting responsibly in regards to this complaint in order to fast track the Vanier mega shelter, knowing the People of Ottawa would be outraged if they knew the cost to the taxpayer. My next act will be to forward all complaints and the unacceptable resolution proposals (none) to the Ontario Human Rights counsel. I applied for the housing allowance portion of social services on Dec. 10th and had My landlord fax the rent details to the verification department. They failed to respond, so I presumed there were no issues. No check for housing allowance was issued. Another fax was sent Jan. 16th to verification and again, no reply. When finally talking to Orsi Vancsody, she claimed that the landlord is committing fraud and insisted on seeing a receipt of her rent payments. This is a violation of privacy and We believe an attack in retaliation to My complaints with the city, though We replied with the request UNDER DURESS.
How would like to see you complaint resolved: I want this issue reported by the media and the public to be made aware of these complaints. I want mayor Jim Watson to answer to these complaints specifically, as well as all city councillors who received via e-mail a copy of the complaint. No elected officials can claim ignorance, this is Willful determination to cause further harm and injury to Ottawa’s People by refusing to address these serious social issues. Failing to respond when I am sending faxes to ensure I receive the rental portion of My cheque, is irresponsible at best and the most reasonable explanation I can come up with, is that this was a Willful act with the intention of placing Me in a situation where I would once again be homeless and subject to the deplorable conditions experienced at the hand of emergency shelters.
Do you have any attachments, such as copies of correspondence:
Additional Information: Deanna Vecchiarelli, Jason Prevost, Orsolya Vancsody, Chris Tuck seem to be conspiring together to ignore these serious issues, presumably to fast track a Vanier Mega shelter, or perhaps simply because they don’t feel that those subject to poverty are entitled to dignity, rights, or compensation when they are injured as a result of the loss of those rights.