The ‘First’ Letter; An Email Finally Begins the Last Chapter

Well, now I  am thankful I did take the time to Write such a lengthy preamble as it all does lead in quite beautifully to this first email.

Apr 9, 2020, 1:59 PM

Dear Orsolya,

I am imploring You to reconsider the authorization of medical allowance by a doctor for the month of May at the very least.

My reason for as King of You to do this are twofold.  One, I genuinely like war King with You (not against You) and felt that We were beginning to develop an understanding of One another.  You have recently endorsed (Signed) two Letters that I Hand delivered to Your office for review.  I very clearly was as King of You if You comprehend the language in the Letters – You assured Me You did.  I was also as King of You not to Sign or endorse if You were not in agreement with any Information or State-Ment (State-Mind) made in each of the Letters.  You Signed both in clear conscience and of sound Mind and were not compelled to do so, You chose to endorse each of these Letters by the volition of You own Free Will.

The first Letter You Signed was a Letter of Mandamus:  “a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty.”  That is the definition of a Mandamus, and what You have agreed to do by Way of contract as a representative (Agent) of the Ministry of Social Services through Ontario Works (an organization contracted by the Ontario government to fulfill the fiduciary obligation of the Ministries to Canada’s People).  That same Issue of Mandamus has You clearly acknowledging that Lord Sean, House of von Dehn is the Sole (Soul) Authority on what Shall be determined to be in the best interest of Sean von Dehn’s overall physical, emotional, psychological and Spiritual well being.  What is in the best interest of My overall health and well being is not subject to the opinion of any other Man (of either sex or profession).  Recently, I Presented You with a second Letter which clearly states that the incorporated person created by the state and Commonly known as ‘SEAN VON DEHN’, or ‘Mr. Sean von Dehn’ has appointed ‘Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God’ (the Living Man Writing You this Letter) as the private attorney and Living Will for the incorporated person.

You are able to issue the medical allowance as You were able to do so for the months of both March and April without requiring consent from a doctor.  I believe the reason You claimed You were able to do this is because of the Covid-19 pandemic currently affecting Ottawa.  The pandemic, Covid-19 is STILL affecting the city of Ottawa and You insisting I must visit a doctor or nurse to have this form signed is placing Me in danger at a time when People have specifically been asked to stay home as a safety and precautionary measure.  I do not believe ONE PERSON on city council or within this Canadian government would insist on such an absurdity.  So if You are not able to issue My special dietary allowance on a continual basis until this pandemic is over, I Will need You to provide Me with the names of every individual who Wishes to place Me in harm’s Way.

Finally, I am imploring You to reconsider because I really don’t have any recourse BUT the law, and whether You recognize it or not, I am fully within My rights to be as King of You for what I am as King.

This Letter Will be published on the Record,
Thank You,
Lord Sean,
House of von Dehn,
Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God.

One of the Truly Wonder Full things about Orsolya, is that she always responds to Me very quickly.  That was a pretty lengthy email, and she replied within five minutes.  Really, that’s pretty impressive!  It was short and to the point, so I Will include that on this Page, too.

Apr 9, 2020, 2:04 PM

Hi Sean

What I issued you for March and April was covid 19 benefit for $160.75 each these payment we not related to a special diet

I am not able to approve or authorize a diet amount as I am not a nurse or a doctor and I dont determine which diet category on the diet form I sent you , you may qualify for health professionals needs determine that for you

Orsi Vancsody

The Letters are unedited (including mine) and grammar is less than perfect but I do genuinely believe Orsi does everything she can authorize, and it may well be that she simply does not know which medical diet I qualify for, there are several ‘conditions’ that provide for it but only one can be selected.  The closest that really applies would be unintentional weight loss and although I don’t meet any of the special ‘conditions’ of the subcategory, it doesn’t appear selecting one is mandatory.  I have Signed as My own doctor for ‘medical travel allowance’ in the past, so perhaps if I were to fill the form out My Self the benefit Will be granted.  I Will send the Form back to find out.  I’m actually glad the whole self quarantine thing is going on right now because if it hadn’t been, I was just going to go to a doctor and ask which one is best for unintentional weight loss due to extremely fast metabolism.  But it wouldn’t be an ’emergency’ and not going gave Me more time to think about it and the Truth is, I’d rather not have to deal with any of this at all!  And I really shouldn’t have to!!!

However, I Will fill out the Form and send it back, perhaps that can be an interim remedy while I resolve the rest of these ‘Issues’.  I’ll Post the continuing thread of this Last Chapter very shortly.