Emails to Orsi

Okay, so I requested the ‘Medical Dietary Allowance Benefit’ just before the end of March and once again, received a reply almost right away.  I was told that two checks had been Issued, one for March and one for April.  Again, I was very impressed, no hassle whatsoever, though she did say that it would only be the two checks and I would have to take a form to a doctor for the medical diet allowance and return it if I Wished to receive a check for May.  The email mentioned Orsi was able to immediately Issue the checks because of covid-19, so I had presumed the benefit I received was the dietary allowance, not a ‘special’ benefit that was Given specifically because of covid-19.  Orsi clears up My misunderstanding in Our last email, and I felt I should preface what ‘started’ this thread in the first place.

It was also the first time I am thing King I have ever mentioned anything about how much I actually receive every month, and I am going to be sharing that, too.  For anyone who is thing King that ‘welfare’ is a ‘free ride’, please think again.

What I receive now is manageable with practice and discipline, but it is nowhere near enough for a healthy grocery list and, a phone, hydro, cable, clothing, shoes, haircuts, toiletry items, house hold cleaning supplies, laundry, detergent.  There is virtually no Way that I could pay all those bills and purchase a one month supply of the other ‘essentials’ with what I receive now.  Everything has to be bought in stages and cycles, one month something Will have to be set aside for clothing shopping, or a haircut, or whatever else comes up in Life – and that list didn’t include any ‘entertainment’ or ‘luxury’ items, like basic furniture and silverware…  These are ‘commercial’ benefits for incorporated persons who have consented to a corporate, capitalist Way of Life and it was designed this Way deliberately as a poverty deterent.  I Will Create a New ‘King’s Wage Page’, where I Will share exactly what I receive now, what the typical person receives, and what I was receiving before moving to Ottawa (for this Purpose).

The Purpose of the request for special diet allowance of course, is to increase My monthly salary, legitimately so that I can afford to buy healthy, nutritious food all the time.  The covid-19 benefit I did receive made a huge difference.  That’s really what this whole ‘Last Chapter’ is about, Living a dignified Life as a non-commercial Spiritual Man, and continually improving My quality of Life in general.

So the emails to Orsi continue…

Apr 9, 2020, 2:59 PM

Will the covid benefit continue for as long as the epidemic does?  If that is the case, I Will address the medical issue when this is over.  I maintain it is unreasonable and unsafe to ask that I be required to see a doctor or nurse while the pandemic is ongoing, which is My primary issue as I do need additional funding for food, as much because prices have been inflated as I do to maintain Good health.

Apr 9, 2020, 3:05 PM

Hi Sean 

the discretionary benefit that I issued was able to issue you at the end of March has been changed to a onetime benefit only and there will not be any payments issued for covid 19 in May as far as policy stands right now


Okay, I’m going to end this Page here because in My next email, We really get into the Good stuff!  I explain exactly what it is I am as King of the Ministries to do, and the whole Idea behind these Pages, is to see how far up the chain of command We have to go before someone knows how to do what I am as King of them to do.  A Man is entitled to equal pay for equal work, so I believe I could make a reasonably Good argument that My salary should be equal to or greater than every public servant who does not know how to do what I am as King of them to do.  That is essentially the strategy, at least so long as Canada Wishes to insist the incorporated character still has Value.  Eventually, I Will discharge all the costs for My needs from Canada’s national debt by Way of My thumbprint.  Someone was as King of Me once ‘what Gives You the right to pay with Your thumbprint?’.  Knowledge = Wealth.

Love and Blessings, back soon with more Pages to the Last Chapter.