The Last Letter; Canada’s Registrar General Francois-Philippe Champagne

May 7, 2021, 6:32 PM

Dear Honourable Francois-Philippe Champagne,

Good day, I hope this Friday finds You feeling fabulous, I really do.  I have sent a final, “Last Letter” to Your office and I am sincerely hoping You can help Me.  I’ve been in correspondence with Service Ontario regarding this Matter and it seems that nobody is able to answer a simple question – “what does the registration of ‘My’ birthday mean?”.

On one hand, Service Ontario suggests that the registration of birth is no big deal, just a record of an event with no obligations attached.  They say it has no inherent commercial value, yet service providers in Canada are suggesting that if I can’t prove My parents registered My birth with Canada’s government, I have no right to work and earn wealth for My Self, and no right to the abundance of resources on this earth because Canada owns them all, and only People who can prove to be registered with Canada’s government can have any access to them.  That sounds an awful lot like a threat to contract under threat of economic duress and social exile.

I don’t Wish to use a ‘Birth Certificate’ to identify My Life and purpose as a ‘legal entity’ when it is defined in Canadian law to represent a bonded slave or prisoner of war according to Canada’s own legal terminology and linguistics databank (link provided below).  It also seems that the Life of a Canadian People holds considerable commercial Value according to the Value of Life annuities index table, and that many commercial accounts are set up to satisfy (commercially) the obligations that Canada has to its People and My suggestion is that the obligations existed before the commercial insurance acts were created to satisfy those obligations (like the Social Insurance program).  Where is all that money coming from?  Canada ‘borrows’ money for the federal budget, it is close to a trillion dollars now that the ‘Canadian People’ owe to foreign lenders, where does this contractual obligation begin and how do I pay My share of Canada’s debt in Honour and on demand from the unlimited commercial Value of My Life Given Me by God?

If any One in Canada’s government should be qualified enough to answer these questions, I Trust it is You and very much look forward to Your reply in response to this very serious Issue.

Value of Life Annuities Index table, Canada –

Service Ontario –

The government of Canada terminology and linguistics databank –

Thank You very much for Your time, I hope You enjoy My Letter and Proposal for Prosperous relations between Our two nations,

This Will be published on the International Public Record –

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.