The Official List of Canadian Government Authorities and Representatives God is Displeased with (In Order of Rank)

Dis-Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery

Canada’s Governor General, Her [not so excellent] excellency, Julie Payette (God took care of this One)

Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam – Treason, Mandating policies that trespass upon the constitutional rights of Canada’s People, taking directives from an unelected foreign body (WHO) not founded in science and destroying Canada’s economy and the mental health and well being of Canada’s People

Province of Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor General, Elizabeth Dowdrey

The [not quite] right Honourable, Justin Trudeau

Attorney General’s Legal Director, Sean Kearney

[Dis] Honourable Justice, Herb Kreling

Justice, Susan J. Woodley*

[Dis] Honourable Justice, Bobby (Robert) Beaudoin

Mayor of the city of Ottawa, His [only a fool would] Worship, Jim Watson

Legal council for the city of Ottawa, Genevieve Langlaise

Guelph’s Member of Parliament, the [dis] Honourable Lloyd Longfield

Ontario Works Director, Christopher Tuck

Ottawa Citizen and Sun’s Editor in Chief, Michelle Richardson

Ontario Works Manager, Kristine Haines-Chiarello

The Toronto Police Service

The Guelph Police Service

The Ottawa Police Service

Sergeant Catherine Wood, Ottawa Police Services, Willful breach of Trust, refuses to protect the legally afforded inherent rights of Peoples in Canada.

Constable Christopher Jenkyn, Ottawa Police Service, badge #2209

Ottawa’s Housing Services (responsible for protecting the rights of Ottawa’s People subject to shelter service by the city of Ottawa for failing to provide dignified housing for their poor) Shelley Van Buskirk,

Salvation Army Booth Center’s Director of Operations, Mike White

Salvation Army Public Relations Manager, Caroline Franks

Salvation Army General Manager, Jason Prevost

I’m sure there Will be more but God Wished for Me to let You know. God does not take kindly to trespasses upon the children of God’s Kingdom, and You were their caretakers. You have all failed to Honour Your Oath to the People of Canada for failing to protect their inherent (God Given) rights in one Way or several. Repent, SINNERS!

All who are as King, Will be for Given. 😉

Forgive Me of My trespasses, as I for-Give those who trespass on Me

The Lord’s Prayer, My Covenant and Trust (Cestui Que Vie) in God

*Justice Susan J. Woodley is listed as neither dis-Honourable or Honourable because I believe she may have had a Hand in My Father’s estate Matters in some Way in response to My Letter. However, I can only speculate because I did not receive a reply to that Letter which is discourteous and dis-Honourable. So for the moment, no title represents a position of neutrality.