Willful Ignorance is Indistinguishable from Malice; Ontario Works, Kristine Haines-Chiarello

Hi every One.  When I said I am DONE putting up with dis-Honourable elected officials, I was not making a funny and My discontentment of the incompetence of government does not stop at elected officials and People ‘Acting’ in a representative or legislative capacity, it really comes right down to the Common Man, the Canadian ‘citizen’ who champions for the Glory of their country and the freedoms ‘afforded’ by their constitution, only to have those same individuals trespass upon the very rights they so proudly claim are legally protected.

Let Me re-Introduce Kristine Haines-Chiarello, manager of Ontario Works, the organization with the legal obligation to ensure the rights of Canadians are protected if they are unable [or un-Willing] to work for Canada.  If an individual is unable to work, Ontario Works is where One is directed in Canada to provide for basic needs sufficient for the enjoyment of One’s rights.  Kristine Haines-Chiarello claims she has no duty or obligation to ensure My inherent, natural [God Given] rights are protected by Ontario Works, and that Ontario Works has the right and authority to trespass upon the inherent rights of the Sovereign.

First of all, let Me tell You that Kristine is wrong.  Whether Kristine were My next door neighbour or the manager of Ontario Works makes no difference whatsoever, both have a legal obligation as Canadian citizens to ensure the protection of Our Sovereign (inherent) rights and to veto or disregard any bill (code, Act or statute) that trespasses upon the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People.  As manager of Ontario Works, it is fair to say Kristine’s responsibility to ensure that the Ministry of Community and Social Services does not Create any Acts that trespass upon the rights of Canada’s People dependent on the Ontario Works Act for the enjoyment of their rights, is that much greater than the Common Man’s.

This is very important and infuriating because the Ontario Works Act was specifically set up by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to ensure People subject to unemployment are provided with sufficient subsistence necessary for the enjoyment of their rights.  The only reason the Act was Created is because Canada has a fiduciary obligation to the People that is legally binding and lawfully enforceable; the Ontario Works Act was set up to ‘satisfy’ this obligation.

The only reason the Act falls so short on the fulfillment of the obligation, is because nobody bothered to review the Ontario Works Act before the bill was passed.  People have become completely complacent with their government.  Government says it’s going to pass an Ontario Works Act and the People allow for it.  So, because the People did not complain that the Ontario Works Act does not fulfill Canada’s obligation to protect their inherent rights, the obligation is deemed to be ‘satisfied’.  In short, Canadians ‘agree’ that $390/month is more than sufficient for dignified, single occupancy housing in the city of Ottawa because that it what the Act provides for, and nobody complained that the Act falls short on fulfilling its obligation to provide [dignified] shelter.  This is why Acts do not have the force of law to trespass upon a right, because the moment the People complain that an inherent [God Given] right is being trespassed upon by an Act or Statute, it is no longer legally enforceable because the laws and Acts were designed to provide for Our rights, not to trespass upon them.

Honestly, I really do try to place My Self in the other individual’s shoes when I am Writing a Letter.  I try to Imagine how I would respond.  If I received the very same letters I have sent to others, I would absolutely not be responding this Way!  What would I do?

The very first moment I read My complaint, I would have been placing a call to the Attorney General’s office to find out what was going on, and I would email a reply to Give Me notice I had done so and Will follow up shortly.  I would have immediately known [as the manager of Ontario Works] that this is My Issue to resolve, as the individual is dependent on Ontario Works until this Matter is resolved at the federal and provincial levelso until then, suggesting I have any superior right or authority over how the wealth of another Man’s life is distributed is insane.  I would immediately make concessions with the individual until the Matter was completely resolved.  My first Quest-Ion after letting the individual know I was looking into this very seriously and hope to have the Issue resolved shortly, would be, “What do You need immediately, and what is the smallest number You can Give Me that would reasonably satisfy those immediate needs?”

That is how this situation should be handled.  By continuing to communicate with Me in any Way that continues to suggest I am a Canadian citizen or bonded servant to a national foreign debt, is to aid and abet a contract of bondage and slavery if Kristine is also presuming I am that incorporated person after having revoked My consent.  There is no ‘middle road’ on the Matter.  If she knows and understand I am not, then she is guilty of Willful fraud causing harm by the loss of My natural rights and administrating foreign debt to Me rather than acknowledge and protect to freely distribute My natural wealth.  Period.  How can One reasonably say in the same breath that they are going to determine how much I Will live on every month without claiming they are not trespassing upon My right to freely dispose of My [natural] wealth?  Kristine Haines-Chiarello is directly liable and responsible for every crime that has been committed by Canada’s government for failing to do anything about it in a government position.

Here is her last ‘dis-Grace-full’ email:

4:36 PM August 07, 2020


Thank you for your follow up email. We recognize the importance of your request to you and the efforts you have made to find a resolution.

As discussed, we do not have the direct ability to make the change you are requesting and to assist you we have provided you with the information and resources. Should we have any new or contact information for you, we will ensure to follow up with you.

Again, please do not hesitate to contact us for support should you have any concerns or requests within the local administration of the Ontario Works benefits and/or service you receive from us.


Kristine Haines-Chiarello

My reply was not as kind as they have been (and yes, I’m being facetious).

5:13 PM, August 7, 2020

Hi Kristine,

You clearly do not recognize the importance of My request ‘to Me’ or the efforts I have made to resolve them, or You would be following up with the Ministry of Community and Social Services asking them what provisions they Will allow for You so that Ontario Works can remain in compliance with the law and stop addressing Me, the individual as a bonded slave and beneficiary of a Trust I have long since revoked at the highest levels of government.  As an inferior jurisdiction to the Ministry of Community and Social Services, You are legally obligated to ensure that You are Acting in compliance with provincial and federal law.

Now, if You did not know I have insisted that the Trust be dissolved at the highest levels of government, it would be reasonable for Me to presume You believe You have right to administrate wealth I have ‘Trusted’ the Canadian government to ‘manage’.  As a representative of Ontario Works, You are Acting as an Agent to the principal (Canada/Trustee) with respect to its international obligations to provide Canada’s People with their basic needs sufficient to Honour their international obligations, so when I tell You that consent has been revoked and You no longer have any legal right to Act in the capacity of administrator of My natural wealth, if You do not resolve that Issue, as the manager of the organization with the legal responsibility to fulfill Canada’s fiduciary obligations, You are personally responsible and liable for trespassing upon My natural inherent rights, and because I have Showed You the international Covenant on Civil and Political Freedoms, You can no longer claim You do not know You have this legal obligation to Me.  

So please advise Me of what it is You plan to do to resolve this situation.  I would like to know the names of every individual within Your organization whom You have discussed this Matter with.  Once again, Your last email failed to address any of the questions I was specifically asking of You, and the tone of Your Letter, “We recognize the importance of Your request to You?”.  I don’t care whether or not You recognize the importance of this Matter to Me, I care about whether or not You recognize the importance of this Matter with respect to Your legal obligations to Me and every other Canadian People.  So please, seeing as We all have an equal duty and responsibility to ensure that Canada’s constitution is protected and international, inherent rights are recognized and promoted, what are You doing specifically to remedy this situation, other than condescend Me in emails and fail to address any of My questions?

I look forward to Your reply,

King Sean,

House of von Dehn,

Hand of Stephen,

Kingdom of God.