‘The Great Prophet’ Provokes U.N.

Iran further provokes world leaders determined to paint a picture of a dangerous enemy by launching a series of missile tests.  The destructive power of the multiple warheads was show of Iran’s military muscle.

“Iran flexes muscles … The tests are likely to be seen as an act of defiance by Iran,” daily Iran News said.

The amount of nuclear bombs tested by the U.S. and Russia are greater than the entire arsenal of nuclear weapons shared by other countries of the world making them the single greatest contributors to long term destruction of Our ecosystem.  Israel is the strongest nuclear power in the region and a U.S. ally.  Iran tested these missiles knowing it would receive international attention and further outrage world leaders.

Israel, widely believed to be the Middle East’s sole if undeclared nuclear-armed power, and the United States have never ruled out a military option to thwart Iran’s nuclear drive. – Reuters

There is no question that Iran’s acts are intentional.  All the world is a stage and the political leaders are all putting on an international show for the people, each with their own agenda.  Do We know what Iranian people are being told?  Suppose Iran told its people that it was disclosing its second nuclear facility to the IAEA as a show of trust and good faith to promote peaceful negotiations.  Iran then shows its people headlines that the U.S. are rallying others to see this as an act of defiance rather than a gesture of trust.  The U.S. and other leaders agree to tougher sanctions, further stifling Iran’s growth and independence.  Iran wants to demonstrate that it will not be intimidated by threats and conducts a series of missile tests.  Iran knows this will further outrage the international community and that more accusations about Iran’s intentions would be made.  If it is later revealed that Iran’s nuclear intentions are for peaceful power production, they will appear to have been victimized and ‘unjustly’ accused by the international community.  Perhaps all these tactics are intended to humiliate the world leaders for their premature accusations in an effort to encourage other countries to support a movement for the U.N. to withdraw troops from the middle-east.

‘The Great Prophet’ was the name of the missile testing exercise in Iran.


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