International Community Calmed: Iran Allows IAEA Inspection

“Iran agrees to allow UN visit to nuclear plant” – Rueters

After all the international concern caused by news headlines over the past week, the stormy waters begin to calm as Iran allows the U.S. to investigate its newly announced nuclear facility.  Iran appears intent on assuring the world their nuclear intentions are peaceful.  While “the Great Prophet” showed Iran flexing military muscle, further unsettling G20 leaders, China displayed their military might in a ceremony in Tiananmen Square which reported the inclusion of  ‘rows of dongfeng 31 nuclear missiles, capable of carrying nuclear warheads 10,000 km’.

It is important to note that this display is not paired with a headline linking it to a topic of international concern, nor is it considered an international threat or violation of the anti-proliferation agreement between nations that China struts nuclear prowess.  If there is a serious desire for world leaders to remove nuclear missiles from the world’s arsenal of weapons, then why boast of nuclear capability, especially when another country is determined to have their right to pursue nuclear energy acknowledged by the very powerhouse denying the right?  Is China not adding insult to injury after the announcements made at the G20 summit meeting?  What does such a display tell the people of Iran?

We cannot realistically expect a country to comply with anti-nuclear regulations while We parade Our nuclear capacity in front of them.  If We began to work with countries like Iran and started to share Our wealth of resources with the rest of the world, what reason would there be for war?

Soon we will know the results of an IAEA inspection of Iran’s facility, though I am confident they will confirm Iran’s intentions are peaceful.  Iran will profess it has been unfairly represented in the international community and demand its independence and right to generate its own nuclear power.

In My book, I write about how international events are the macrocosm to Our microcosm, a reflection of the individual human experience.  Forbidding Iran to produce its own nuclear energy is like having one cake between an entire classroom of children and telling one child they are not allowed a piece because it is bad for them, or because they might throw it.  The child decides it will not be dehumanized by such a decision and pulls out a biscuit, proving he doesn’t care if it’s bad for him, proving he wouldn’t have thrown the cake.  After finishing the biscuit, another boy decides to eat his piece of cake right in front of the child, determined to break his spirit.

Maybe this seems an extreme comparison, but the reasons for aggression are the same.  We would not consider this fair treatment in a classroom, will We allow Ourselves to believe it is proper behavior on the international stage?  If We are concerned that Iran is an international threat should We really continue to antagonize an already frustrated nation?  Just some food for thought…


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