This Flu Season: “Know Immunity, Remember Divinity!”

We want to believe that all Our illness can be cured with vaccines, or at least the drug industry would certainly like Us to believe they will find a cure for everything.  Yesterday there was concern after a U.K. teen died only hours after a cervical cancer vaccination procedure at her school.  It was revealed in another article today that the vaccine was not the cause of the girl’s death.  However, it was today’s article I stumbled on looking for yesterday’s and I found the information surrounding the article somewhat alarming.  The article reveals how the child died from a previously unknown tumor, but in the ‘news feed’ beside the article, We can read about hospitals in Texas swamped with thirteen thousand potential cases of swine flu complete with a sad, innocent looking young girl wearing a mask over her mouth and nose imploring you to watch a video.

We are taught to learn but We are not taught to be selective about who teaches Us, We are not taught to question the information We are presented with.  The media has worked very hard to make Us believe that H1N1 is a very dangerous virus.  The media has also gone to great lengths to ensure that most of Us expect an even more dangerous, evolved strain of H1N1 to emerge this flu season.  When We do not take the time to systematically filter this information, it begins to work in Our subconscious thoughts, manifesting itself into Our reality.  Suppose You were to approach every day believing Your immune system was strong, capable of protecting Your body from any infection.  Suppose this ideology was all anyone ever shared with You, if every advertisement and headline leading up to ‘flu’ season read something like “Know Immunity, Remember Divinity, “.  Imagine what kind of power those words could manifest in Our subconscious.

To some the idea of never getting sick or curing Your own illness simply by changing Your perception is a radical and incomprehensible concept.  I never really used much in the way of cold medicines or aspirin anyway, but just over a year ago I decided I would never use them again.  I had started using meditation to heal injuries like tendonitis and lower back pain with amazing success, I figured there was no reason to assume I couldn’t do the same thing if I contracted a cold or virus.  Yet somehow I think the fearlessness created by this knowledge prevents the sickness itself.  If I were subject to an environment where the H1N1 virus was a serious concern, I would hope I could teach people that We only need to be fearless of it to be immune.  I like to lead by example.

I was trying to explain this personal power to heal Ourselves to my stepfather one evening.  I told him that drugs work because We invest so much belief in the ritual of taking the drug.  First You decide You need it, go out to buy it or go to the medicine cabinet to get it, maybe read the directions, pour Yourself a glass of water, take the drug and wash it down with some water.  All these things weigh on the belief We are investing and relaying to Our subconscious mind.  Then You tell Yourself it should be twenty to thirty minutes before You will start to feel better…  And if You firmly believe all these things, in twenty to thirty minutes You begin to feel better.  “Drugs work because You believe they work”, I concluded.

My stepfather smiled, looked back at Me and said, “So what about all the drugs that are getting results, the tests that prove drugs are working?”

“One day, We will realize that these drugs too, only work because We are investing so much more belief in them.  The more sophisticated Our science and technology become, the more sure We are of the remedies We produce and the more faith We have in them.  One day We will learn that a glass of water is sufficient to cure all things if We could invest the same belief in it.”  I replied.

The next day, as I was hoping for some example to show My stepfather that I am not the only one to be discovering these things, a friend posted the following article on Facebook.

We really are infinitely powerful beings.  Do not underestimate the power of Your thoughts.  The very reason I am writing this blog is because thoughts are ultimately powerful.  Our collective desire to know a better humanity is an unstoppable force.  As dismal as any news report may seem on the surface, even the most devastating events speak to Our inner conscience, begging Us to connect with Our collective desire for something more.  “Ask, and though shall receive.”


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