Vancouver Sunshine

With almost nothing to do and an entire month to do it, You would think it would be easy to find time to write.  Not so much.  I am extremely grateful to have a place to stay for My last month in Vancouver but the home environment is not the ideal place for writing.  One of my roommates is perpetually unhappy and walks around huffing with the occasional exaggerated sigh, the other is optimistic but lets the little things get to him – he does let them go, but not before complaining about everything first.  Last night when he got home from work he told me to ‘watch out’, he could feel a nasty flu coming on.  I reminded him I don’t get sick but thanked him for the warning.

Yesterday I found a great coffee shop downtown Vancouver.  It takes Me a little longer to get here but walking around in the Vancouver sunshine is a real treat, especially this time of year so I really don’t mind the walk.  My positive energy doesn’t mix so well with the thickness of nervous tension I’m surrounded with when I wake up.  I motivate Myself to shower and get out as quickly as possible where My energy is unfettered.  The rain eases and stops, the clouds part, the sun shines, the people smile, happiness is everywhere.

As I sat down to try and catch up on some of the international headlines, a robbery in Japan had made the Yahoo headlines.  The moral of the story was too good to not write about in my other blog, but the real irony is that I am leaving for Japan at the end of the month and even headlines I am writing about are hinting to the wisdom I will find there.  Today, as I sat down to tell this story, Japan has again made the headlines with a statement made to the Olympic committee in their bid for the 2016 summer Olympics.  Japan has claimed that the world must act toward Our environment with greater responsibility or the 2016 Olympics will be the last.  Japan also boasts of producing the first ecologically sound Olympics by using only clean, renewable energy sources.  These headlines are providing the framework for proving My thesis, a vision for peace in the world.

Objectively speaking, I think the ‘news reel’ section of My blog could be misunderstood if it is only read in part or if its intentions are not understood.  Really its just an opinion column like anything else.  I am not presenting Myself to the world under the guise that I’m some guru on international events or that I know the intentions of world leaders.  I am more interested in emphasizing that there are many things We don’t know, yet We accept much of what We read as cold, hard fact.  We need to consider what is really going on in the world and more importantly, We need to understand what needs to be done to create the world We wish to know.


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