The Monetary Motivator: Obama’s ‘New Economic World Order’ – Part 2

When I say that money is a lie, I’m really just saying that money does not represent truth.  “Money is the root of all evil” is a familiar expression I only just discovered is actually a quote from the bible, according to Wikipedia.  The world certainly places a great deal of importance on money, the richest countries of the world routinely meet to discuss the global economy, and on an individual basis Our wealth generally defines Our social class within society and is often considered a measure of Our personal success.

It is also relatively easy to construct an argument proving that money is the root of all evil.  From the moment We accept money, We are immediately stripped of Our basic rights and freedoms.  We accept that We are not born free, equal in rights and dignity, that the world is not Ours, that it is already owned and We surrender.  We buy shares in order to have Our space and We maintain Our existence using money to eat, drink, cloth ourselves and share in the world’s wealth of resources.  The more We have, the greater the share of land, the better the food, drink and medical attention We can get.  We allow a monetary system that creates diversity between people to become the all powerful governing force of Our life and We do this at a very early age.  Even as children with no need for money on a day to day basis, We are taught the importance of money to live and prosper long before We take Our first job.

President O’bama leads talks of a new economic world order at the G20 summit meeting.  We are told the meeting is to develop plans that will stabilize the world economy to avoid future global recessions.  Yet even the wealthiest countries included in the talks reflect a failing financial system at home even in the best economic times.  As long as there is money, there are rich and poor and the divide has only continued to grow.  Our governments are not able to create a stable economic system in their homeland, are We to believe they have the moral guidance to ‘liberate’ other countries economically or otherwise?

Many will argue that We need money, that currency is a necessary and sophisticated form of trade.  Yet look at money again as ‘the source of all evil’.  Many will say We are born into sin and there is truth in this for We are born into a world that teaches Us money is necessary, immediately forcing Us to earn Our place in society.  Our very right to exist  and experience Our own freedom is robbed at birth.

Children are born infinitely wise.  A child will not understand why a person starves on the street when grocery store shelves are full of food, why the homeless freeze in the street when there are hundreds of hotel vacancies in the city, or why children in less developed countries can’t get a clean glass of water when We are surrounded by such wealth and seemingly ‘magical’ technology.  But as We continue to solidify the child’s belief in money, the child soon begins to feel as helpless and powerless as You and his or her ability to change the world is diminished, perhaps even destroyed.

When We look at money as the root of evil in Our own experience, the same truth unfolds.  Money is the motivating force of Our life.  Lack of money creates poverty and despair and the necessity to acquire money becomes the root of most crime.  Drugs provide escapism for those who have given up, overwhelmed by a competitive world dominated by money.  Gangs, drug rings and other forms of illicit activity are alternative forms of creating this necessary commodity, filling a niche created by the monetary system itself.  People who have money are afraid to share it for fear they will not have enough.

You don’t have to be a genius or spiritually wise to know that something is amiss when North America alone contributes millions of pounds of food to Our landfills daily while people in other countries continue to starve – We don’t need twenty-twenty vision to see the same thing happening in Our country.  There is a rampant surplus of resources in the world and a failure to distribute them appropriately.  Money is the only thing that seems to be in short supply, yet We are the ones who create it.

Collectively We believe in currency more than We believe in virtually anything else.  People may argue the existence of God but few will argue the existence of money.  This is the underlying spiritual truth relating to money.  Collectively, We have invested more faith in money than We have in God.  If We believe We are born into sin, it is because We believe We need money to exist.  Money determines Our ability to experience and enjoy in the world’s wealth of resources, Our ability to eat and drink, even Our ability to help others is limited by the amount of money We can afford to spend.  Continuing to support a monetary system empowers Our leaders, perpetuates a misguided ideology that a world motivated by money is morally sound.

If this is true, if money really is the root of all evil, what can We possibly hope to do about it?  How can We deny the reality of the world around Us?  How can We as individuals possibly make a difference?  How can We change the world?  The answer is easier than most of Us would believe.  We need only to understand the words of wisdom spiritual leaders are sharing with Us to realize how incredibly powerful We are.

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