The Monetary Motivator: Obama’s ‘New Economic World Order’ – Part 1

There are so many things going on in international news worthy of talking about that it’s hard to decide what to write about first.  The headline I’m writing about today was one of Monday’s headlines from Rueters that reads “US to push for new economic world order at G20”.  I am choosing to write about this because I am just like any other ‘common’ person.  I don’t understand or know the intricate workings of international politics any better than anyone else.  But I understand that Our understanding of international politics are based on the headlines and media representation of world events.  The governments of the world know the common man doesn’t understand international politics and that Our only real understanding of world events is through the information We receive through the media or Our leaders themselves.  What are all the headlines supposed to be telling Us?  What are We being taught to believe?

The phrase “New World Order” probably isn’t news to anyone.  The U.S. government has been perpetuating the concept of a new world order for many years now.  Most of Us don’t really invest too much time considering what it means.  But We have accepted the U.N. as the governing authority on world events, though We quickly forgave the U.S. after defying the U.N. and attacking Iraq.  Essentially the protesters of summit meetings are opposed to the idea of such powerful nations having the opportunity to plot the future of the world in secrecy, believing the meeting should have public media coverage.  Headlines overshadowed by the ‘Iran’ crisis indicate the U.S. are certainly motivated to achieve a ‘new world order’, whether it be economic or otherwise.  If You take time to research everything, You will find a mixed bag of truth and lies.  We really don’t know what the intentions of the U.S. are for a ‘New World Order’.

But this is just one of the beautiful ways by which Love is unfolding in the world around Us.  A phrase that We don’t really understand, like ‘New World Order’ may pass through Our thoughts quickly enough but it continues to work in the background.  By not questioning the headline We read, or giving real thought to what it might mean, We are passively and subconsciously accept it.  We are introducing Our subconscious mind to the idea of a ‘new world order’, even though We have no concept of what it might be.

As We read daily headlines, We have the freedom to choose compassion over fear, We have the power to create the ‘new world order’ We wish to know.  We can choose to continue asking if Our leaders actions are compassionate or oppressive.  The fact that G20 is now focused on an economic world order allows Us to connect global agenda and ambition to one of the greatest lies We have collectively accepted – money.

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