Sunny With a Chance of Skytrain Robbery

I have to say something to express my appreciation for such beautiful weather since I arrived in Vancouver.  The air has been brisk but the sun is still warm and there has been lots of it over the last week.  Today I took My coffee to the park and sat in the sunshine for almost an hour before heading to the coffee shop to write.  There is not a cloud in the sky today.

I started writing a piece on the ‘new economic world order’ headline which consumed Me but I am thoroughly enjoying Vancouver.  Two days ago I took a coffee and lunch to the steps of the Vancouver Art gallery, again to enjoy the sunshine.  At times the Vancouver Art Gallery can seem like a truly magical place.  It is one place in Vancouver where virtually anyone from punks to corporate managers can sit down and enjoy lunch and city culture.  There are often artists, musicians and street performers for entertainment, the air always seems to be a couple of degrees warmer and if the sun is out, it shines on the steps from dawn till dusk.  There is generally a feeling of unity and togetherness that make ‘the steps’ feel like their own little micro community.  Here You can see people from all walks of life existing in harmony, here it is easy to believe in peace.

Getting out every day invigorates My spirit and awakens Me to some of the things I am writing about.  I catch the Skytrain from Broadway station to Granville.  The trip is three stops and takes roughly seven minutes.  The fare is $2.50 and allows Me to take the train anywhere within the zone for an hour and a half.  Although there is roughly an hour and twenty minutes of paid travel time available on My ticket, it is against the law for Me to give the ticket away to someone else.  If I bought a sandwich in a cafe and ate only half of it, is it a crime to give the other half to someone who is hungry?  How did  giving away time paid for on a Skytrain ticket become theft, how is this a crime?  Our legal system promotes greed, teaching Us to withhold what We have from others, discouraging Our will to give and share.  Public transportation should not be costly, but a public service to get people around as efficiently and economically as possible if not for the sake of the environment alone.  It is in little ways like this that I allow Myself to be guided by conscience.  I know in My heart that  giving the unused portion of My ticket to someone in need is not a crime and I am prepared to face charges for giving it away.

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