Brave New World or New World Order?

There are some incredible conspiracy theories out there and You are bound to find them if You begin asking some of the more difficult questions.  Perhaps the most popular conspiracy theory is that the world is controlled by a small handful of extremely powerful men who manipulate the international economy, media, religion and world leaders to serve their own selfish agenda.  The theory suggests working class men and women are drones to an elite empire that will use technology to systematically phase out physical labour until a mass genocide can take care of the working class, creating a future society (New World Order) generated from a preferred social and genetic standard…  In a nutshell.

Is there any truth to the theory?  The irony for Me is that all information came to Me after I had My own awakening and most theories suggest that a secret, spiritual wisdom has been hidden from humanity, reserved and abused by a few select families who will decide Our fate.  Some of the more extreme theories even suggest the elite few represent a secret satanic cult.  Of course, knowing spiritual truth gives one immediate immunity to any conspiracy theory and the theories become irrelevant.

Conspiracy theories are just one more example of Our creative ability.  Virtually all conspiracy theories are based on some element of truth.  Stories are put together much like any thesis paper would be.  A conspiracy theory is a collection of arguments to support an opinion.  The less physical evidence there is to support a theory, the weaker it becomes.  The best conspiracy theories are riddled with compelling evidence.

One of the reasons conspiracy theories are so controversial is because they are typically designed to create awareness about something fearful and the information is often presented in a terrifying way.  We are bombarded enough with fear in Our daily international news headlines that if We want to create awareness about something, regardless how horrific and tragic it may be, We should try to present the information in a way that is encouraging, motivating and inspirational.

It is My opinion that it is counter productive to present problems to the world without also offering a solution.  Unfortunately, We respond exceptionally well to fear.  Some of the most fearful images and messages that surround Us were created with the best intention.  We are drawn to fear not because it is Our nature, but because it is the exact opposite, it fascinates Us.

All things that come into Our reality, regardless how horrific, violent, or terrifying they may seem, are a calling to Our collective conscience.  These things all exist to remind Us We can do better.  Conspiracy theories are additional possibilities, alternate endings to the current reality We collectively embrace.  My conspiracy theory is that all things in the world will appear to become worse, that fear is a necessary catalyst in an evolutionary process that is fueled by the creative power of thought.

So, the solution I offer to conspiracy theories, (or any other thing that may cause concern or grief in Your life), be mindful that these things are drawing Us together, smile at the next person You see and observe how easy it is to change a person’s day – this is the power We came here to know!  The evolution of humanity will be an evolution in conscience and a free spirit will never be a slave.


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