Google Good

Here is an example of some good news going on in the world.  According to the article, Google suffered some serious criticism when it agreed to censor websites for its Chinese search engine a few years ago.  The truth is, to be involved in the Chinese market at all Google likely had no choice.  The Chinese government is so fearful of their people tasting any true sense of freedom they probably wouldn’t let any company into their country unless they agreed to follow the censorship laws.  Its difficult to speak out to a people on liberation and freedom if they can never hear Your voice.

By entering the market and then publicly leaving because of censorship restrictions speaks volumes both to the citizens of China and the international community.  Google may be a multi-billion dollar company but when any industry uses their international influence to make such a positive statement, it deserves props.  Way to go Google!

Moves like this really do speak out to the international community and remind Us how easy it is to make a difference.


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