Right Here, Right Now

This moment is all there is.  Why question its authenticity?  Why ever imagine it to be any more or less magnificent than any other part of this one continuous moment?

Because We don’t know its one continuous moment.  Most of Us believe its one limited moment that could end in any moment.  Am I happy to have been denied the right to live and work in Japan a second time?  Perhaps not, but it does not serve My spirit to be unhappy about it.  Will I rejoice and celebrate the occasion?  No, but if I were truly enlightened and knew My oneness in every moment, I probably would.  But I’m not and I don’t, I am just a man.

I still have to find the peace in My own mind and remember what it is My spirit is trying to do.  If I had never traveled to Japan or dreamed to live there, I would never have experienced many of the things that contributed to My book, nor would I have had the time and creative space to write it.  Virtually every event contributed something to the material in My book.

Now I am conforming to the social system I criticize to keep peace with My family while I publish My book.  I have all the resources I need at My disposal in order to get it done and this is the book I waited My whole life to write.  So how would it serve Me to be unhappy about My situation?

My job is very boring so I won’t talk about it but…  Despite Our economy I found My first job forty minutes after deciding I needed one.  Do I like it?  Again, does it serve Me not to like it?  I like it, in fact, I love it.  Every day I am walking there I remind Myself that every day I do this allows Me to appreciate every moment I don’t.  It may sound ridiculous but it makes Me smile and truly allows Me to appreciate every moment I am there for what it is – the ‘right here, right now’ of one continuous moment moving always toward new greatness.

Living in the now is the art of spiritual masters.  I have a very difficult time doing this even though I make a conscious effort to try.  This is why I still take time out every day to meditate, to find the spirit of just being, even if only for one tiny fraction of the continuous moment.

I am also renting a room from My brother which is a rare treat.  I spent over thirteen years in Vancouver thousands of kilometers away from My family so spending some time here is a gift in itself.


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