Clinton Bush Haiti: Funds Up Front, Please

No coincidence that just yesterday I asked if the approach to the relief fund for Haiti would be ‘do now and pay later’ or if We will do only what We believe We can afford to do; today’s headline gives Us Obama’s answer.

There is a lot of intricate information to be untangled here but this is an incredibly positive and powerful event overall.  First and foremost, lets consider Bush’s comments to Obama on the relief fund when he said he was pleased to work with Clinton “to mobilize the compassion of the American people.”

It is the compassion of the American people that will provide the relief to Haiti, not the government they represent.  Obama is all too proud to speak out on behalf of the American People’s commitment to help Haiti.  All the world is a stage and this makes the American government appear very sympathetic and caring, but the government of the United States appears the lifesaver of Haiti when it is the compassion of the people who contribute to this fund that are really the heroes.

Also, they are specifically asking for money.  Not food, supplies, drinking water, blankets or any of the other items that are in great demand, just money.  And don’t worry, Your money is in the capable hands of the American government to make sure that the maximum dollar value possible goes directly to the people in need.

Imagine if all the supplies were just sent without needing to be paid for first?  Come on, its not that crazy a suggestion, America was founded from debt.  How about just doing what needs to be done?  Whatever it takes to get the necessary resources there, We do now and pay later, allowing every country to contribute the necessary workforce as all of the greatest minds come together and rebuild Haiti like never before.  When it’s done, all the money that was paid out to rebuild Haiti is paid back from a brand new bank that creates its own money exclusively to write off humanitarian efforts.  Remember, We make the money.  We just have to collectively agree to make as much of it as We need to get things done.

As soon as We remove money from the equation We will very quickly begin to see how incredibly compassionate We can be.  Overall though, this is still a very good sign.  We can hope that America will spend the money wisely and make sure as much as possible does get to the People in Haiti.  Perhaps the American government will provide some credibility and document how all the money is being spent on the website.  Either way, I have no doubt in My mind that this campaign will be highly successful and that can teach Us volumes about Our collective compassion.


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