A Utopian World – Part One

The Fantasy Fund would be set up by the leading minds from all over the world.  All of the leading technology and science would be at the disposal of Our world’s leading experts.  The primary focus would be to establish the immediate needs of the people in an area, to assess the difficulties in meeting those needs and determine the best strategy to overcome them.

Many non-profit organizations like the Red Cross would already be mobilized.  The Fantasy Fund would ensure guaranteed funding for charities providing the initial emergency relief.  The experts would then assess how to network a continual supply of necessary resources to warehouses for convenient distribution to the people.

At this point, all people in the crisis have access to food and water.  The next priorities would be medical care and shelter.  Once again a team of experts would determine the best way to provide these needs to all members of the community until their homes can be rebuilt.

Already We can begin to understand just how much the Fantasy Fund would improve society and remove a great deal of civil unrest.  In Haiti, only a week after the quake, residents of the demolished cities fortunate enough to have fruits and vegetables are selling them at over twice their typical retail value.  As people starve in the streets, a lucky few profit from the poverty and suffering of others.

Situations like this would immediately be removed by a Fantasy Fund as it would take advantage of all resources available in the area and could afford whatever the street vendors were asking.  This would eliminate ‘extortion-like’ retail practices as the available food is sent to distribution centers for the people in need.  If the distribution of the initial resources reaching the area were effectively distributed to the people, vendors would not be able to profit from basic necessities.  A thing only has worth when it is in demand; eliminating the demand eliminates the value.

This would also minimize civil unrest and rioting.  The violent, criminal behavior seen in Haiti is motivated by basic needs.  When the basic needs are made available to everyone, the motivation to steal from others is dramatically reduced.  Very quickly people would begin to realize that money is not an essential resource.  Instead, money would become a motivator and would provide the foundation for restoring the city and economy.


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