‘Are You Ready?

Are You ready, Are You ready to Love?’ – Are You Ready?, The Tragically Hip

Two weeks ago yesterday I picked up My last paycheck.  Knowing I would need to start looking for a new job immediately I thought about places I might enjoy working and took a trip to the local art store.  They already had more staff than they needed and I had no income so I couldn’t really afford to buy anything but decided to take a look around anyway to price their canvases.  They had a one and a quarter inch wood panel for less than thirty dollars.  I’d promised to paint My brother a replica of something I painted in Vancouver and desperately wanted to buy it for him.  I started thinking about how much money I had and how much it would be leaving Me with.  Buying the panel would leave Me virtually broke but as I started heading for the door, again My spirit called out to Me, telling Me I should not be afraid to do anything motivated by Love.  I closed My eyes, took a deep breath and felt the Love in My heart telling Me to go and buy the panel – an act of Love will never disappoint.

I bought the panel.  Just like the day I quit My job, I walked home feeling infinitely inspired and full of confidence.  As I got ready for bed that night I looked over at My new panel.  I guess You would have to be an artist to understand how great it can be to have a fresh canvas to paint but it is a feeling like no other.  I began one of My most powerful meditative experiences since My awakening with heartfelt thanks for the courage to purchase the panel.

I was speaking to My heart and it was booming back – ‘Anytime, Love’.

‘Thank You’.

‘I’m always here for You, trust.’

‘I do…  I know, but…  They don’t.  Please, I will always listen.  I know I am always where I am meant to be.  I know You give Me everything I need.  You gave Me My Book.  It’s done!  I am so thankful, I know it is already enough, but they don’t!  They see Me in debt, they see Me needing a job, they say Love is not enough.  I only know that Love is everything.  You don’t need to show Me, You need to help Me show them.  I will do whatever it takes to pay My mother back, to keep My brother paid up for rent and I know that whatever I need You will provide for Me.  I would Love to paint, get the Book published and devote everything to teaching people the truth about You.  But I need money, I’m sorry, I will have to take this job.  If I didn’t have any debts, a couple thousand dollars would be more than enough to do the things I want to do, to paint and publish My Book – to dedicate everything to Love.  I would like to have all of this done by the end of the summer.  Is all of this too much?’

‘You already know its not’.

‘Well, I’m ready, I’ll do whatever it takes to pay My debts just show Me the way.  And, it would be nice if there was just one person here who understood You the way I do.’

‘You already have everything You need.’

‘I know, thank You.  Show Me how to teach them, please.’

‘You are teaching them.’

‘Thank You, I Love You’.

‘Anytime, Love.’

For Michael

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