Wake Up Call?

I hope You will take the time to review the above video.  I don’t spend a lot of time writing about conspiracy theories but I think it’s time to start.  Awareness of conspiracy theories has certainly been created and is on the rise every day.  Many people pass this off as a fanatical development of the internet and ridiculous rumors.  But if You educate Yourself independently, You will find there is sufficient evidence to support what may be the greatest and most horrific conspiracy theory of all time – world domination.

Let’s face it, it’s the most ambitious and unbelievable conspiracy theory imaginable; that thirteen elite families seek to dominate the world.  But now I ask You how much You really know about the world, or anything for that matter.  You know enough to understand that the world has a long history.  You know that the average human being can’t imagine what it would be like to have more money than You could ever hope to spend and there are a very small group of extremely powerful people who are just that wealthy and have been extending their influence for hundreds of generations.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (that is a really long name!)

There are a group of families who control the majority of the world’s wealth and have been protecting their personal dynasties for hundreds of generations, continually looking to expand their empire.  It is only natural that they would ultimately eventually seek to control the world.  The reason it seems so inconceivable is because it is inconceivable to the average person.  You or I can’t possibly imagine what it would be like to grow up never having to be concerned with money, having Your parents reveal to You that You are part of a special family that will one day rule the world.  But this is real life for a very short list of people.

If these people were good people, it really wouldn’t be of much concern.  But if this elite class only care about their family and have little or no regard for the rest of humanity, the implications become devastating.  Once they have control of the world, the only necessity would be for labor.  Naturally, it wouldn’t make sense to supply more than they need and this elite class would need substantially less if they did not also need to provide for the rest of humanity.  It would make sense to reduce humanity to a reasonable number sufficient to supply the necessary industry.  That would make rumors of mass genocide of billions of people a reasonable assumption.  After all, if You own the world and reduce the population by eighty or ninety percent, then You can begin to concentrate a small group of people into a micro-unit of industry so that Your family can continue to expand their empire and let nature reclaim the earth for Your own personal ‘Garden of Eden’.

In the west We are critical of fascist, communist and socialist philosophies for We have seen these governments in action and know what kind of corruption ensues.  Usually the result is civil unrest and eventually a revolt.  However, democracy stands to be even more damaging when We begin to understand its capacity for corruption.

We often quip and joke about how ineffective Our government’s are.  Electing a politician is often a matter of choosing not what is good for the country but what will best serve Our individual interests.  Democracy promotes freedom of speech and individuality but has no capacity to accomplish this because We will never agree on all policies.  This actually supports the democratic system because there will always be a percentage of the population that believe there is something wrong, perpetuating the need for continued governance.  We are eluded into thinking We have freedom of choice but We are still forced to comply with whatever decision Our government makes by way of law.

“Democracy is the worst form of government except all those others that have been tried.” – Winston Churchill

The United States of America is a great example of just how dangerous Our governments can be, especially when We unquestioningly believe they are acting in Our best interest.  Creating a war on terror is what experts would call psychological warfare because You are not even at war with a country; terror is not a thing to destroy but a psychological state of mind.  As long as the public remains terrified of an elusive enemy, they will cling to their government for support and protection.  People will willingly surrender their personal rights and freedoms in exchange for (international) security.

The war on terror has generated several times the bloodshed for American people than the 9/11 incident itself.  Also, there is absolutely no conclusive evidence linking any radical terrorist group to the attacks of 9/11 and this is a fact.  Don’t bother writing Me about videos of Al-Qaida claiming responsibility or anything else that does not substantiate real evidence.

“All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players.” – William Shakespeare

All reports suggest it was an inside job.  I understand that the last thing American’s want to consider is that the government they have trusted for so long could commit such an incredulous act.  However, if You do Your research You will not only begin to see that it is a distinct possibility, but You will begin to understand the motivation behind such a horrifying act.  Only then will a person become immediately motivated to end the war and reclaim their rights.  Remember, the more You depend on Your government, the greater the potential to disappoint.

I am not here to terrify You, I am not here to educate You, I am not here to tell You what to do.  I am here to ask You to really educate Yourself so You can make an informed decision about what is going on in the world and what exactly is meant by the term ‘New World Order’ – the American government frequently mentions this as part of their agenda.

This blog is about international awareness of a prophecy for peace which I already know will emerge – the only question is how.  I live in Canada and I think a greater percentage of Canadians are aware of what is going on than Americans but most of Us seem to think We are safe – Our government would certainly never try to do anything like this.  In My next post I will explain exactly why this is critically important to every member of the international community and more importantly, I will show You the only option I believe We have to bring the elitists vision of a New World Order to a screeching halt so We can create Our own.

“They call it the American dream because You have to be asleep to believe it” – George Carlin (a fine prophet)

The alarm bells are ringing, it is time to wake up!  Here is an ‘expert’ opinion on the war in the Middle-East


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