America Falling into Fascism? So What, I am Canadian?

Ignorance is not bliss!  What happens to America will not stay in America!  It will happen to Canada and Mexico, then Europe.  It is not a ‘New American Order’ America seeks to achieve but a ‘New World Order’ – and it will affect Us all.

Aside from the obvious moral responsibility We have to be concerned for Our American neighbors and what is happening to the American constitution, there are two other reasons why We should all be deeply concerned about the latest bill that was proposed to senate in the U.S. (see my last blog entry for more information).

First, as incomprehensible as the conspiracy theories may sound, this bill suggests how the most horrific aspiration of elite groups such as prominent freemasons and illuminati members may already be in the works – mass detention and/or genocide of any civilian who expresses dissent toward the continued war on terror or any other U.S. policy that stands to impede their agenda.

The conspiracy theories surrounding the New World Order and awareness of groups like the illuminati have existed for hundreds of years but did not really get much recognition until the World Trade Center incident.  Probably one of the most notable sources circulating information about the illuminati is a movie Zeitgeist and its successor, Zeitgeist: Addendum.  The first movie can be rather terrifying for someone who has not heard of these conspiracies before and many people consider the movies nothing more than entertainment.  However, the copyright owners of the material encourage free distribution of both titles to increase awareness and I believe they were created with the best intention and that the people involved with the production sincerely believe their claims.  These movies were made in 2007 and 2008 respectively.  Some of the claims have already come true (underwear airplane bomber allowing the U.S. government to remove more civil liberties under the guise of social security) and if this new bill passes it would effectively remove Americans of their right to free speech, one of Our most basic rights and freedoms and allow the U.S. military and police to arrest or detain anyone indefinitely for any reason at all.  Effectively, the U.S. could turn into a totalitarian police state virtually overnight.

Now, that doesn’t mean that it will… but even the suggestion of such a bill being passed should be raising some serious eyebrows.  It really doesn’t matter at this point whether You believe in conspiracy theories or not, should this not be front page news all over the world?  “America Stands to Lose Basic Civil Liberties”, or “America’s Fall to Fascism” or something. I found it extremely difficult to find additional information about this bill so I have nothing to verify the video’s sources but that just piques My curiosity even more.  Are they trying to sneak this by the American people or is this just some kind of sick joke?  If it is only a rumor, it is in very bad taste.  So I am going to trust My instincts and do what I can to increase awareness.  I would rather spread the word and be wrong than say nothing and be right.

The second reason is something called the Amero and the North American Union.  Some people are still calling this nothing more than a vicious rumor yet Lou Dobbs, a highly renowned reporter, is one of very few people who has had the courage to report on this as well as many other conspiracy claims revealing that there is something very questionable going on with the U.S. government.

“If anybody thinks that We are not engaged in a battle for the very soul of this country (U.S.) right now, You are sorely mistaken.” – Lou Dobbs

For information regarding the North American Union the following video will introduce You to some of the main points of concern.  If Americans lose their basic civil liberties and merge sovereignty with Canada and Mexico, does this not mean that We will also lose Our rights?  What bill of rights would be used and/or who would be drafting and voting on the new bill of rights?  If all this is being done behind the scenes, is it conceivable that We could also lose Our right to freedom virtually overnight?  If You think Canada and its leaders are any less corrupt or involved than the American government, You could be in for a real shock.

Finally, I would like to leave You with one more interview with Lou Dobbs who talks about how he has been harassed for reporting on these controversial topics, including attempts on his life.  Would You risk Your life for something that was just a hoax?  If all of this is just some ridiculous and outrageous conspiracy theory, then why not denounce them publicly, why work so hard to keep everything so hush-hush?  I personally feel that if this new bill passes, You will hear very little about conspiracy theories from U.S. citizens in the future.  And if that happens, We should be deeply concerned and start taking action.

I am opposed to sovereignty, I think it is one of the many root causes of separation and division between peoples of the world and one day We will all live together in harmony, but We should be demanding answers from Our governments regarding all dubious policies and put an end to secret meetings.

Stay tuned, I will follow up shortly with the ‘positive spin’ and how all of this is working to accelerate the evolutionary shift in conscience that will awaken humanity as well as My proposal to put a permanent end to the illuminati threat, real or imagined.  I want to believe the illuminati and the conspiracy theories surrounding them are nothing more than the product of wild imagination.  But if they are true, I would never forgive Myself for not doing something, anything I could think of to make a difference.  I’ll be posting My ideas shortly.


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