You Are Perfect

“How ’bout getting off of these antibiotics?” – Alanis Morriset

Two concepts I write about in My Book that people seem to have the most difficulty with are the end of money and the end of medicine.  For the most part, people don’t believe Me because what I am saying sounds too good to be true.  My immune system had a massive ego before I awakened.  Turns out there’s nothing wrong with knowing Your body is perfect.

This video talks a little about how to achieve the state of healing and how it works.

Recently I’ve been experiencing far less difficulty entering this state.  I use a new technique where I mentally relax each part of My body starting from My toes to the top of My head.  I visualize every cell in each part of My body relaxing until I feel it happen.  When I’m done, I visualize My entire body as glowing white light.  When this picture is clear, I go beneath all My thoughts, usually listening to Beethoven or other classical music and I can do this almost on command now by telling Myself to ‘let go’.

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