The Time is Now

The reason I have broken My blog into so many different categories is because each represents something We are concerned about.  The truth is, none of them matter.  These are all examples of things that limit the human capacity.  How did the bird know what it needed to become so it could fly and escape it’s earthly predators?  It just did.  How will We become what We need to become?  We are already it.  The truth exists within Us already and it is being drawn up through the core of Our being more and more every day.  As Our external world seems to break down and collapse, so too do Our thoughts and belief systems.  This forces Us to question more about Ourselves and breaks down the framework of Our mind to allow for the recreation of reality.

I really do like Tolle’s teachings.  To be the change, You must become the change.

I am not sure if I believe that the transition will have taken place by 2012 or if the emergence of this transition will simply be reaching a critical point of mass.  My feeling (as radical as it may be) is that We will begin to hear more about psychic type phenomena and by the end of this  year I believe that the theory of a major shift in human consciousness will be gaining incredible momentum.


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