What If?

The poem “If” as read by Harvey Keitel:

One great piece of advice for anyone is to try to be effortless in all You do, to go with the flow.  Let there be intention in all You do, but do not be attached to the outcome, be present and effortless in the moment.

Buddha described enlightenment as ‘the end of all suffering’.  This was something I never really understood before.  I also didn’t know that when the Buddha was asked what He meant by this, He said nothing.  Of course, this is also the perfect answer.

Buddha does not talk about the experience, something many different practices also discourage.  I believe it was a friend of mine who told Me that the Kabbalah says the experience is sacred and should never be shared for it only stands to interfere with others who will have the experience by giving them expectations.  This is why I don’t really want to tell people too much about what to expect so much as I want to inform people about how this wisdom can transform You and indeed the world around Us.

It is relatively easy for Me to flow through life with the effortless ease of water.  But this effortless flow soon spills over into the lives of those who care about Me, wetting their feet as they begin to cry out to Me and express their discomfort with the rising waters, uncomfortable with My choices.  Do I stop the effortless flow of water, or do I continue to be effortless and watch the water gather around them with indifference, knowing that the water is warm and comfortable once We remember We can swim?

My brother said to Me just recently, “I don’t want You to teach Me, I don’t need to learn anything.  I know what I believe about the world and I don’t care about being enlightened or whatever it is.  I’m happy with My life the way it is and I want You to appreciate and accept that.”

Of course I do and I have no choice.  I cannot under any circumstances interfere with free will or Your ability to choose.  In fact, the more I try to convince My brother, the less effortless I become and the less effective I can be.  One of the dangers this experience does bring, is that ego is virtually the root of all human problems and spirituality.  Declaring that You have knowledge of what You are calling ‘divine’ wisdom can become something others actually resent.  They become jealous of the actual experience and believe themselves to be something perhaps less or the ego interferes and decides that they are better off not knowing this.

If I had ever believed that I was in any way ‘special’ or ‘lucky’ to have had this experience, I probably wouldn’t be telling people about it.  Or I would be sharing the wisdom very differently, only with people who sought to know it.  But this experience is not for the special, there is no such thing.  We are all special and You do not need to be any kind of person to have this experience, it is available to everyone and eventually everyone will experience it.  I just know that this is going to have a dramatic impact on humanity and how We do things so I want to create awareness now.  It will also be very dramatic for some people and I want to be here to help explain things to those who do wake up.  I do know several people who have had this experience and although it was different for each of Us, We all discover the same truth.

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