Conspiracy Theories – Shedding Some Light on the Illuminati

The primary philosophy behind this theory is based on an understanding of the ‘sacred wisdom’ the Illuminati were alleged to have stolen from humanity and kept to themselves so they could use it to rule as ‘gods over man’ on earth.  The sinister side of this rumor is that the Illuminati are satanists who used this truth against Us by keeping Us distracted with ‘earthly’ pleasures instead of heavenly pursuits.  I believe this to be true and yet I still do not believe they are evil, and here is why.

Collectively humanity fears death more than anything else.  But You are Divinity, You are endless and You can only improve.  The end result was always known, how it would play out was what We call free will.  Our physical body and mind define the limitations of Our existence but the soul has always been looking for new ways to express itself.  Each new evolutionary development was a new marvel of creation, continuous greatness unfolding on earth.  So far, We are earth’s most glorious creation and We are about to receive an upgrade.  The mind did not have the capacity to understand spirit, mind had to develop parameters within which the spirit could exist.  Now that We have done this, the spirit seeks to grow and will begin activating Our potential, stimulating the other ninety percent of Our brain.  This will allow Us to express the creative potential of spirit at a much higher capacity.

We essentially chose mind over spirit and this was all part of the Divine Principle.  Money was created to take control over any resource that became precious and its success was assured because it was really just paper.  But if people could be convinced money was necessary, then the potential to own the world with it was possible.  And here We are.  Even the most devout Roman Catholic believes in money and their own Bible says, “money is the root of all evil”.  I tell people the economy must collapse so We can see it for the illusion it is.  There is no scarcity on planet earth, money is the only thing in short supply.  Whoever controls the world’s wealth would control the world.  So who controls the majority of the world’s wealth?

If the Illuminati conspiracy theories prove to be true, the world will be absolutely devastated.  But this was the plan all along.  This will be the event that will cause humanity to question everything We think We know, which is exactly what We need to do.  This will allow Us to discover Our independent sovereignty, Our personal power.  For some, truth will be like waking up from a terrible nightmare, others will simply see an old world falling away to make way for the new kingdom of humanity.

There is already too much collective intention in the prophecies for them not to come true, the only difference will be what they mean to Us.  In many ways this is the last proof of Our  secret wisdom and new law of attraction theory revealing itself in the physical world, giving Us one more opportunity to understand its potential.  Most who teach it are limiting unlimited possibility to the reality We have collectively accepted.  If thoughts manifest themselves and all the world can use this wisdom to attain unlimited wealth, then one must see that either the world must change to know this reality as truth or Our perception of wealth needs to change.

To know You can have any dream is a truth but it is not limited to the reality You currently know.  This is a truth all of humanity can know and Our reality does not allow for this potential.  Those of Us who understand the truth behind this philosophy become co-creators of Our world, transforming it into one where each member of the human family can know limitless abundance and happiness.

Blaming the Illuminati is just like blaming God or anyone else for the inhumanities suffered on Our planet.  The Illuminati do not force the soldiers onto the battlefield!  You have as much inherent right to this earth as any other, You allowed someone else to tell You how much of the earth is Yours and how You should live.  We were born free with independent sovereignty and We surrender it to Our government almost at birth without even questioning.  We grow up in a world where human suffering is commonplace and continue to subscribe to the same mentality without so much as questioning why the world is the way it is, believing We as individuals are powerless to do anything about it and that Our leaders know best.  And as long as You believe this, You are.

Wisdom for Me was an understanding of My responsibility.  The world around Me does not reflect the kind of world I would like to know, so I asked that it should change, that the illusions fall away, that people begin to understand their own creative potential so We can begin creating the world We deserve to know, a world where We can proudly raise Our children.

What better way for Me to prove to You that Our governments are led by ambitious agendas that have nothing to do with the will of the people than for the Illuminati and government conspiracies to expose themselves as factual?  It has reached far beyond the realm of a joke, the phrase New World Order is now commonly used in international politics yet few people seem to be asking themselves what this ‘New World Order’ will be.  Generally, an order implies a command or demand and can only be successfully achieved in a controlled environment.  You choose to ignore this possibility, then this will be the first to be made clear to You.  Forget everything You think You know.  The real answers lie within.


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