Evolutionary Enlightenment

Since My awakening one of the most difficult things for Me both to share with others and to fully grasp Myself, is that nothing in this world needs to change.  Not even We need to change, We simply need to understand what We are; that is, We need to discover the spiritual essence that has always been, will always be and exists for all of Us now.  That is the evolution taking place in humanity as We discover the now. We will not transform this earth and find a miracle cure for all that is, We will discover that there are no problems as We transcend beyond this world into a new realm of consciousness.

Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher and founder of the magazine Enlighten Next which covers virtually anything concerning the spiritual plain from scientific breakthroughs to the deepest of philosophical insight.  All things of course supporting an evolutionary shift in consciousness.  Cohen describes the difference between awakening in the personal experience and the awakening of the collective self (often referred to as the ‘higher We’ in discussions on the website) in an article from which I have borrowed the following quote.  I’m still learning how to express all My thoughts and develop ideas about how the collective ‘We’ will come together – Cohen articulates much of what I would love to say but can’t find words to describe.  If You are interested in learning more about the evolutionary process of awakening that is taking place on planet earth now, I encourage You to read his article.

“Therefore, nothing needs to change in this manifest world, and true freedom is found in escaping from it altogether.” – Andrew Cohen


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