The Evil Iranians

There used to be a time when at least Canadians could be proudly considered a peaceful nation.  That time has since passed.  Although Canada does not claim to possess any nuclear weapons of their own, Canada has been a tremendous help to the United States government in their development and refining of weapons grade uranium to aid the U.S. nuclear program.

In this article, Cannon says that tougher sanctions must be imposed on Iran and that Iran is continuing to provoke world leaders instead of complying with demands to eradicate suspicions they may be attempting to import or refine their own weapon grade uranium in efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon.

Of course, We can never know exactly what it was that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, We have to take the media’s word for it.  And even the media doesn’t give Us any real indication of how Iran has intimidated or threatened the U.N.  Although nine countries walked out, that means that another 154 stayed to listen to what the Iranian president had to say.  Perhaps We should be considering how immature it was for these countries to surrender their right to both hear the president and to question his motives.  Sounds to Me like those who are bashing Iran are the ones who heard the least of what Iran had to say…  Who is provoking who here?  Just some food for thought.


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