Collective Consciousness and the 100th Monkey

Haha!!  I finally found it!  For a long time I have been telling people that changing My perspective of the world is enough, for My intention is for others to understand this new perspective as well.  I teach that as one becomes enlightened to the true nature of Our being, there is an almost instinctual understanding that all of Us must share this wisdom and perspective to create the world We dream to know.  This desire is as real as any physical matter in the universe.  Perhaps it cannot be seen, but the intention that the world should ‘wake up’ is enough to ensure that it will.  Nothing else will change Our planet, nothing else can change Our planet.  We can only change how We perceive Our planet and understand how Our perception influences the world and universe within which We exist.

I also told people that if they wanted proof of this, of Our divine nature to communicate with each other through Our thoughts or intention, they need look no further than the natural world.  When a single species discovers something beneficial, this knowledge transcends to all other species on the planet.  There is no real conceivable way that these animals can be communicating with each other, yet they do and all animals within the group of species adopt this new beneficial behaviour.

I have found perhaps one of the most incredible examples of this in an experiment that was later called the 100th monkey.  A group of monkeys were introduced to sweet potatoes but the sweet potatoes were covered with sand.  In order to make them more palpable, one of the monkeys learned to wash the potato.  This was then taught to her mother and playmates.  Over a period of time, more and more monkeys began washing the sweet potatoes before eating them.  When roughly a hundred monkeys had adopted this practice, the entire species worldwide began doing the same thing.

The power of collective conscience is unlimited.  Nothing will be able to stop Our collective desire for a better world, even if some of Us don’t yet recognize the need for one, We soon will.  Humanity is reaching its point of ‘critical mass’ or collective intention.

I’m just teaching people to wash the sand off their potato.



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