A Day in the Sun

So today was the first official day of being downtown with My artwork and book.  I seem to be making unusually frequent typing errors and I’m wondering if I got a little too much sun.  If You notice typos, please forgive Me, might be a touch of sun-stroke…

However, despite coming home a little redder than I left, I had an amazing day.  It felt great to have My soul out there for the world to see and I was once again rewarded by the magic of intention.  A very disgruntled man began protesting his need to work and expressing his intention to be independent and self-sufficient.  The only problem was that what he was saying (however justified) was sounding a little too aggressive to be constructive and wasn’t much reflecting My intention to manifest peace.  I waited for about ten minutes hoping he would quiet down before finally deciding it was best if I chose another location.  I asked the universe to please give this man whatever he needs and began gathering up My artwork.

As soon as I started doing this, he spoke to me,  apologized for his behavior and asked Me not to move, promising he would be more positive and stop shouting.  We got involved in some deep philosophical conversations and shared many of the same opinions.  This wasn’t really much of a surprise for Me, but it wasn’t long before another man joined Us and also got involved in Our discussion.  We talked for hours and before it was all over, the man reached into his wallet and offered my new friend everything he needed.  It made Me reminisce about My days on the streets of Vancouver when even with nothing, I seemed to be able to provide everything for those who needed it.  I hoped I could bring this man good fortune and good fortune found its way to him.  I also made a new friend.

I try to remind Myself every day of how blessed I am, but days like this make it effortless.

Peace and Love,


Just to make an already day even more perfect, I thought I would include the e-mail response from the new friend I met today.  This sums up the day beautifully…

“Wow! Amazing how someone’s ranting (or bitching) can start things. Thanks for getting past that part so quickly. We slowly discover we’re all feeling the same things but are confounded to describe them by a very carefully constructed vocabulary, with a glaring shortage of terminology. I believe we all dance for a living somehow, and like this kid I knew many years ago always said: “Life is a movie. You can be an extra or a star. Why not make it interesting?””

If You haven’t yet guessed…  I wanna be a star 🙂

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