A Call to Collective Consciousness

There is one main reason why I don’t spend a lot of time talking about conspiracy theories – they tend to promote fear.  The objective of this blog is not to make anyone feel fearful of what is happening in the world, only to understand it and to know how powerful You are in relation to it.  The main problem in the world right now is that We are not taking responsibility for Our planet or even Our own lives.  When I say We, I mean the majority of Us still believe that those responsibilities lie with someone else; whether it be Our government, Our employer, Our teachers or sometimes even Our family and friends.  Most of Us don’t really think for Ourselves, We just kind of go along with what everyone else is doing.  I know it is a hard criticism to take, but it is very much true.  We have left the responsibility of Our planet in the hands of people who aren’t taking care of it.  If We don’t reclaim this responsibility, We risk extinction.  Ironically, that’s the good news.

It really doesn’t matter whether there is any international conspiracy against humanity or not.  All that really matters is that there is something very wrong with Our world right now and We need to figure out how to fix it.  Once We are awake to what is going on in the world, it is very hard to ignore.  The condition of Our planet is so critical already, that I am beginning to feel this awareness manifesting itself as denial in those around Me.  People are beginning to see what’s really going on, but most are still too afraid to admit it or don’t quite know how to deal with it.  I’m hoping this video will help.  It’s about an hour long but well worth the time.

Peace and Love!


  1. Sean:

    You have inspired me to watch a number of videos, among them The Calling. I was surprised at the conclusions… ‘Allah has a plan, too.’ Uh-oh.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the New World Order. Would you make it clear where you stand? I guessing you would be against it, but reading your platform I am not sure. Peace and Love sounds like a docility. Does your ‘awakening’ include an awareness of the New World Order, or something else?

    A few words of clarity from the prophet, please.

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