A Prophet’s Perspective on the New World Order

This post is in response to the following questions about My last entry, ‘A Call to Collective Consciousness’.


You have inspired me to watch a number of videos, among them The Calling. I was surprised at the conclusions… ‘Allah has a plan, too.’ Uh-oh.

I’m not sure how I feel about the New World Order. Would you make it clear where you stand? I’m guessing you would be against it, but reading your platform I am not sure. Peace and Love sounds like a docility. Does your ‘awakening’ include an awareness of the New World Order, or something else?

A few words of clarity from the prophet, please.

I will address these questions in order and would first like to thank the reader for asking them.  Thank You.  Knowing I have inspired just one person to look deeper into some of the topics I discuss makes writing the blog worthwhile.

I would like to respond to “‘Allah has a plan, too.’  Uh-oh.”

Why ‘Uh-oh’?  Does this imply that whatever plan Allah has is something We should be worried about?  Christians talk about a rapture, the Hopi tribes believe there will be a renewal of the earth, We have a Mayan calendar that some people think indicates the end of the world, others a spiritual rebirth…  I could go on and on about different prophecies, yet to some, none of them mean anything at all.

An idea has no more value than the belief We invest in it whether spiritual or otherwise and this is what I am trying to teach.  I think We should listen to everything, get as much information as We possibly can and make up Our own minds…  Which brings Me to the next question, where do I stand on the New World Order?  My answer also has a lot to do with what it means to ‘awaken’ – both spiritually and with respect to the New World Order.

Words are incredibly powerful and the term ‘New World Order’ was not chosen by accident.  This term has been introduced to the international community very slowly over a long period of time.  However, the majority of Us have been raised to be very patriotic, so the idea of removing borders and loosing Our sovereignty is not an idea the people of the world are likely to openly embrace, especially first world countries like Canada.

However, the entire game is based on competition.  In first world countries the only difference is the number of ‘winners’.  We are all taught that success means attaining material wealth and those of Us who succeed in first world countries like Canada regard Ourselves as ‘winners’ and are taught to look down on those who live in poverty as unmotivated ‘losers’ or, (worse still) simply ignore they exist at all by immersing Ourselves in the luxurious comforts of Our own home and distracting Ourselves with television, entertainment and more materialism.  This way We can feel good about Ourselves, even though the very thing that brought Us success is the cause of the poverty around Us.  There are plenty of resources in Canada for everyone but there is a shortage of money.  So the more money successful people accumulate, the greater the imbalance of wealth and the more poverty is created – and We are taught to feel good about this.  This is why the gap between the rich and poor continues to increase and why it will continue for as long as it takes Us to understand the corruption of the mentality We have been taught to embrace.

On a larger scale, this is the same reason that most people don’t care much about the wars that are raging in other parts of the world or the people in third world countries who suffer every day.  We come home, turn on Our televisions and feel grateful that these things are happening somewhere else and that We can watch them from the comfort and security of Our own home.  “Oh, how lucky and fortunate We are”, We think to Ourselves…  Much easier to feel good about how We live than realize that how We live is the very reason these things exist.  If We did that, We might have to reconsider what all Our wealth really means and take responsibility for the choices We make.

Just to give You an example, an unemployment rate of 3% is considered exceptionally good.  So if We manage to maintain that target in a country where there are more than 30 million people, that means roughly 900,000 people will be living in poverty – and that’s if the economy is ‘booming’.  And We are taught that this reflects a successful and prosperous country.  I think it reflects Our ignorance as a society.

The New World Order is a plan to unite all the leading government powers.  There is nothing wrong with the concept.  Surely this is the inevitable evolution of government at some point.  All countries are united in a similar way to how provinces make up a country.  There would be no more wars, people would be free to travel and live in any part of the world they choose without the need for a passport, resources could be distributed evenly…  The possibilities are endless.  The problem is, if We cannot distribute resources and wealth evenly in even the greatest countries of the world now, what makes people think that these same governments will be able to accomplish this on an international scale?

In every country of the world, Our governments have become corrupt.  They are no longer spending tax money the people give them because it wouldn’t come close to the amount they are spending – primarily on wars, security and selfish government spending.  Instead, Our governments are borrowing money from international banks at interest and this debt will be repaid by the people.  There is nowhere near enough money in the global economy to pay back the debts that currently exist and this translates to slavery of the people.  Most people don’t want to hear those words, but that is the truth and reality of the situation.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Great men are almost always bad men.” – John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

So, the New World Order is being mentioned more and more by politicians now to ready the world for a shift toward a one world government.  If We don’t recognize the gross abuse of the power We have already invested in Our leaders and allow them to solidify this power to govern over all of humanity, then We subject Ourselves to potential disaster.

However, as I mentioned before, few people believe that such a plan is possible, especially in countries like Canada.  Most of Us blindly think that things are going just fine, so We are not about to question Our economic system or demand a new one.  Yet that is exactly why the last recession occurred and why the solution was an array of stimulus packages that involved borrowing horrendous amounts of money from international banks at interest – money that We, the people, will be forced to repay – not Our government.

We are already under the influence of a one world government, the only difference is that right now it is covert.  This is what all the ‘G’ summit meetings are all about and why they are so hush hush.  The plan was to destroy the international economy and to reduce the standard of living in many of the first world countries.  When this finally happens, people will be horrified with the state of the economy and the world leaders will step up and offer an unified global ‘honest’ currency as a permanent solution to the financial problem that they will also suggest as a solution to end all international conflict.

So, that’s how I see things.  I sincerely believe that the global recession We recently experienced is far from over and leading to an international depression.  However, that does not mean that I am against the New World Order, though it may sound that way.  I understand that perhaps the only way people will begin to see the truth is to remove people from the false sense of security that currently exists.

I also believe that if We ‘awaken’ to what is really going on in the world politically, We will begin to see more and more of what is going on in the world and this will eventually lead to the spiritual awakening that will free humanity as We begin asking Ourselves how We can fix this.  The power lies within knowing Ourselves as infinitely powerful, sovereign beings with unlimited potential to change the world.  We will stop looking to Our government for answers and discover the truth within.

As far as saying that peace and Love sounds like docility, only one who does not understand the context within which I am using the word Love would think this.  Love is the word I use to describe the source of all life and creation – the single consciousness that exists within Us all.  Love is the single most powerful force of creation.  Life is really just the imagination of a super intelligence, a single, living, breathing consciousness and it has a purpose – to know Itself.

The only solution to all the world’s problems, is Love.  Free will is the freedom to know Love, or to ignore Love.  But, when the entire species is faced with it’s own extinction, Love is the only solution.  We will each evolve, in Our own time, to know Love and the world will be healed – instantly.

As far as being a prophet is concerned…  We are all prophets.  What You say and think, You will create.  Some of Us know this, some of Us don’t, that’s the only difference.  What I think, I will become.  I am peace and being Love, watching My self unfold.

I hope that answered Your question 🙂


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