Freedom of Choice?

One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed since My personal awakening (I still dislike that word because it does sound pretentious) is that virtually everyone who has come into My life since that time is on a similar wavelength.  Even most of the friends I have in My life, regardless how casual or close they are to Me, are interested in what I have to say and enjoy hearing Me speak of My philosophies for a better humanity.

Although I have published a free version of My Book here on this blog, I haven’t really ever spoken frankly about what I personally believe is happening in the world in these entries.  I will share an alternate perspective on the odd news headline from time to time or talk about how We have been conditioned to believe certain things, but I’m usually (or hopefully) just asking people to think about things so they can form their own opinion.  So, for the very same reason, I haven’t clearly defined what it is I believe is happening in the world.  But I am going to share that with You now.

Whether it is the New World Order, conspiracy theories, environmental disasters, conflict and war between countries, the economy, poverty, starvation and malnutrition of people in other countries or even the personal struggles of Our own lives that cause Us stress or anger…  All of these things are happening for a reason.  We are evolving.

This may sound strange, but I believe it is true.  That doesn’t mean I want You to believe Me, I just want to present You with an alternative perspective.  I tell people that the economic collapse is to teach Us that money isn’t important.  The ‘War on Terror’ is a reflection of the fact that terror exists only in Your mind, it is not an external enemy, We are fighting an internal war between ego and spirit.  Things like the swine flu or any other disease that may come into existence is to teach Us that We don’t need medicine to heal Ourselves.  The increasingly critical condition of Our planet is helping Us to realize that those We have trusted to care for Our planet are failing Us and We need to take responsibility.  Mass starvation and malnutrition around the globe are to remind Us that We are surrounded by abundance, We are simply failing to distribute what We have.

On one hand the world and even wisdom can seem very complex and intricate, while on the other, the solution is so simple.  We have the technology and resources to take care of the planet tomorrow if We wanted to.  But for whatever reason, We don’t – We haven’t made that choice yet.

Being able to see beauty in all things, even the starving children around the world, is to understand that these are spiritual beings – part of Our collective self.  They exist as a reflection of You so You can ask Yourself what they are in relation to You.  Most of Us turn away from this because We don’t want to look at that part of Ourself.

One thing I truly do believe is that for the world to know peace, money will need to disappear.  This is by far the philosophy that meets the greatest resistance from anyone I speak with.  Sometimes people even get angry with Me when I tell them that the economy is going to collapse and tell Me this will never happen.  Yet this is one thing I understand and personally believe to be a universal truth – I do not believe that an enlightened society will use money – certainly not in the capacity We do today.  Some tell Me that it will be a new economic system free from corruption, yet I don’t understand how any economic system will not be subject to corruption because an economic system is designed to control the flow or resources.  Control is established through power and power corrupts.  So how does this relate to freedom of choice if I personally believe the economic system cannot survive?  Because it is only My opinion.

You can choose to believe whatever You want, and I encourage You to.  But when the economy does start to collapse is it happening because I said it would, or because the universe is trying to teach You something?  Are You going to be afraid and cling to the possessions You have, or will You understand that this is part of a growth process for humanity and let go?  Do We really need an economic collapse to occur before We understand the necessity to let go, or will this be forced upon Us?

Yes, We have freedom of choice but that does not mean that by refusing to believe the economic system is corrupt that it will survive if We ignore it.  It simply means that if We continue to invest belief in this system now, it will likely be harder to let go.

This is true of all things.  How many children will need to starve before We understand Our need to work together?  How bad will the wars have to get before We realize We are destroying Our self?  How much blatant disregard for the environment and humanity will We need to witness from Our politicians before We decide We have had enough and reclaim control of Our planet and its resources?  These are the choices We need to make.

How bad will things have to get before We discover the dire need for change?  That is the question.  When You choose to acknowledge this need for change is the only real freedom of choice You have.

So My positive perspective is that the world around Us will appear to become more and more dismal to those of Us who are not awake.  In very much the same way a terrifying nightmare can snap You out of the deepest slumber, the same is true of this illusory world.  For many, the world around Us will become more and more terrifying as We approach 2012 (yes, I’ve said it, I believe this will all happen leading to 2012), but this is not a bad thing, it is simply nature’s way of waking Us up.

Choose to know Peace and become Love now and You can watch Your self unfold around You and enjoy the show…  This is the climax and it is going to be very exciting!

Peace and Love!

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