Magick, the Occult, Ancient Wisdom and the Power of Intention

One of the most common threads between conspiracy theories regarding the social elite, freemasons and the illuminati is the belief that their power comes from sacred knowledge of some mystical and ancient wisdom that has allowed them to manipulate and control society.  So I felt that perhaps it was time to explain this wisdom and how it works.

There are many books available dedicated to occult studies and rituals that discuss many different forms of magick ranging from spells, witchcraft, shamanism, tarot and runes, to things like the luminous body, acupuncture, reiki, healing hands, even traditional modern medicine of the western world and countless others.  Some claim to be invoking the power of angels and gods, others demons or satan as well as virtually everything in between.  Yet all of them get their power from the same source – intention.

I know a number of people would criticize Me for claiming modern medicine is a form of magick or ancient wisdom, but that is exactly what it is, We just don’t see it that way.  The real power lies with the intention and understanding of those who are performing the ritual or ceremony.  In modern medicine, the understanding comes from the educational institutions that explain the physical make-up of the human body and We use that understanding to develop anecdotes for viruses or other illnesses based on how We believe the human body works.  Placebos are validating these results – the more We understand the human body, the more belief We invest in the drug’s capacity to heal Us.  Placebos have revealed that the more We believe in a drug’s ability to heal Us, the more successful it becomes.  Click on this paragraph to see an example of one of these studies from Wired Magazine.

In Japan I met an incredible woman who now serves over 150 patients a month, most who come to her after their doctor’s have told them they have terminal cancer that cannot be cured by modern medicine.  Through her own special prayers she speaks with a number of Gods or spirit guides who she claims give her the wisdom to heal those who will come to her that day.  Remarkably, there has not been a patient yet that she cannot heal, though she does not accept all patients.  She claims she is very sensitive to energy and will not accept patients with strong negative energy.  I told her that I felt perhaps she could realign the energy of these people and even cure them but she is afraid they may contaminate her positive energy and potentially disrupt her ability to heal.  I would never press her on something like this simply because I understand that if she believes her power can be diminished, the belief alone makes it so.  Thoughts equal manifestation and this is the mystical wisdom at the root of magick and Occult practices such as shamanism…

We are essentially experiencing the imagination of a super intelligence; a single consciousness that is the source of all life and It’s creative power is thought.  The root thought is awareness of self, that which I often refer to as Love.  As Love on earth, We are endowed with all the Creator’s power, the creative power of thought.  What We perceive Ourselves to be is what We become.  If We remove Ourselves of all Our preconceived ideas about what We are and return to the root of Our being, awareness of the true self, We once again find Love – the source of creation.  From there, We can reconstruct Our thoughts and become whatever We choose to be.

What We are in this reality is never the true self, but an egoistic expression of self.  Even the most spiritual beings are still an egoistic expression of what they perceive the true self to be.  Essentially, trying to be spirit in the human experience is impossible – the best We can do is let Our egoistic expression of self reflect the intention of Love, or source energy, the best way We know how. But what is the intention of source energy and why call it Love?

Again, this is just My opinion, take from it what You want – but I believe the intention of source energy is to know Itself and the reason I call it Love is because I believe that awareness of self is the highest, most blissful feeling. Because I believe this source energy is the root of all things seen and unseen, It exists within all of Us already.  When one discovers this source within them, they desire for others to know It and because that was the intention all along, this intention will manifest in the human experience.  We have freedom of choice, so We can ignore Our true self and choose to be the lesser egoistic expression.  But if this egoistic expression of self ever threatens to destroy the species, the true self will once again become known to Us so We can become what We have always been in the human experience.  This is why the critical and fragile state of Our planet can be seen as a good thing – soon We will be forced to wake up, if only to save Our self.

Those of Us who are awake are manifesting this intention and there are several ways to manifest intention.  The intention Itself is incredibly powerful.  When We add words to the intention as a form of expression, the intention is amplified.  When We take this one step further and follow up on Our words with action, We are amplifying the intention at the highest possible volume in this physical reality.  So when a shaman places intention into healing someone, the intention begins to manifest itself.  When the shaman says “I can heal You”, the intention is amplified and becomes more powerful.  Subsequent dances, singing and other parts of the ritual are further manifesting and amplifying the intention through the actions performed.  Freemasons work their magick the same way.  They have an idea about something, they voice the idea and then finally invest a great deal of time and intention in the planning of the building and how it is constructed.  The building becomes a living, breathing intention, manifesting Itself in the universe as long as the building remains.  Musicians do the same thing with their music.  An idea for a song develops, the lyrics are written, the music is written, the song is then performed and recorded and released in the universe.  Every time the song is played, the intention of the song’s creator manifests itself in the universe.

Personally, I don’t think there is any need for rituals of any kind as long as the intention is motivated by the highest source – spirit, Love or the source energy that holds all life, whatever it is You choose to call it.  Put positive intention into something and it will manifest Itself.  The more You practice this, the more adept You will become in successfully achieving the intention.

Of course, I could be wrong about all of this, but this is My opinion.  When people ask Me what I am doing to manifest peace and Love in the world, I tell them everything I do creatively is done with the highest intention – My desire for all beings to understand their divinity.  I believe this is what is required for the world to know peace and I believe it is the same intention Love has always had since the beginning – for all of Us to understand what We are.  So I believe I am creating with the highest intention and I believe success is already assured – I believe it is already done…  As if I have already cast a spell that is redeeming Itself among humanity.

“There is a giant asleep within everyman,
when the giant awakes, miracles happen” – Frederick Faust

I no longer care if people think I’m crazy.  I believe We are the creators of the universe and Our physical reality.  I believe I chose to come here at a time when I could witness the evolution of humanity to the higher self.  Furthermore, I believe I am actually making it happen.  I believe that I have called forth all the spiritual masters who share this message, and that they have called Me forth to help manifest spirit’s single intention – to know Itself.  I believe in order to see this change, I must become the change I wish to see.  I know there are spiritual masters out there who have shared this wisdom before.  I believe I am the world, I am the people, I see all things as extensions of My self.

Some would wish to see Me give up My ideals and return to reality.  When the ideal I have set forth becomes the reality of Our world, I will.  Until then, I must be strong, remain fearless and be the change I wish to see.  I am peace and Love watching My self unfold.

Peace and Love…

And…  I had to include this.  Moments after finishing this entry I decided to go back to Theweatherman2012’s channel.  I’ve been working My way through his videos from earliest to most recent and this just happened to be the first video I watched.  I wasn’t looking for it, it just was.  These are the little ways that I see My intention manifesting itself as I find others who share similar ideas and philosophies.  Peace!

Sadly, video (and the creator’s entire channel) is gone.  😦  So I can’t share the link.  Only thing constant in the Universe is Change.  😉


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