The End of the World?

As promised, here is another video for You.  This reflects some of the mistakes I’ve made on My own spiritual journey.  I refuse to give taxes to My government, I refuse to protest because I see it as another form of aggression, I refuse to work for anything that supports the destruction of Our planet or the economic system and I’ve spent some time trying to create awareness with those closest to Me explaining why this is so important.  Expressing the very same words heard in this video actually made those closest to Me angry.

To respond to this video, I would like to say to theweatherman that unfortunately I think this is exactly why these terrible things are happening and maybe part of flowing effortlessly like water is allowing these terrible things to spill over into the lives of those We care about most.  Anyone who chooses to look around can get their feet wet now, but I believe many will come close to drowning before they remember they can swim.

Peace and Love

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