The Simple Life? ‘To Be’ Peace

I’ve held off writing this entry for  a few days now.  I wanted to take some time to get My thoughts together to think about what I really want to say…

There is so much going on in the world.  The number of news articles I have copied and pasted to My desktop because I felt they were important topics to discuss are so numerous I wouldn’t even know where to start.  And I started this blog to share a more positive perspective as to why this is all happening – to wake Us up.

So I’m not going to share My opinion of the numerous articles on My desktop.  I’m not going to ask anyone to think critically about the last headline they read.  I’m not going to preach about how We can do more in the world by changing the way We think and most of all, I am not going to try and change the way anybody thinks.

I believe We created this world and I believe We are the only ones who can change it.  I believe We create with Our mind and I believe if We change Our mind We can change the world.  I don’t believe We need to earn Our right to live in dignity and peace, I believe it was Our birthright.  Many people have told Me that We must earn Our place in the world, I believe I already have – I am here.

Later today, I will be leaving to experience My share of abundance as it was given to Me by the creator.  I am returning to nature.  I will be leaving early afternoon and will begin walking from Ontario to British Columbia.  I am more well-equipped than I need be with a knapsack that probably weighs close to eighty pounds, but I will be free to experience the world as it was intended.  I have no real agenda, nowhere to go, no deadline to meet, only peace to become.  Every ounce of My intention will be invested in working harmoniously with nature to achieve peace in the world.  I will become the peace I wish to see in the world.

The trek from here to Vancouver is roughly a modest 4,648 km crossing Canada’s varied terrains from Ontario’s great northern wilderness to the dessert-like prairie plains to B.C.’s Rocky Mountains.  I am equipped with a three man tent (cheapest tent I could find), a sleeping bag, two t-shirts, two long sleeve shirts, a sweater, two hoodies, two pairs of jeans, two shorts, two pairs of underwear (originally I had about twenty, then reconsidered), four pairs of socks, full rain gear, a knife, an axe, a slingshot, 500 matches, a candle, a blanket, a towel, fishing line, 9 fishing hooks, 9 sinkers (no pole), a set of camping pots, two water bottles, two tins (one large, one small), a compass, a journal, pens, a Buddha statue (for company), some seeds (also for company), a book, S.A.S. survival manual, a razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, an mp3 player, headphones and…  a laptop.  I know, the mp3 player, headphones and laptop don’t really fit in as well as the rest.  The laptop I need to communicate with family to let them know I am alive from time to time and the mp3 player…  Well, if I’m going to lug a five pound laptop around with Me, I’m sure not going to leave a 2 oz mp3 player just to save weight!  I think that accounts for just about everything and it still seems like way too much.  Oh, and of course the essentials; coffee, a filter and cigarettes.  Those habits will break before long but they are going to be My crutch while I get acclimatized to My new surroundings.

In many ways, I am returning to a simpler life.  This is something I have wanted to do almost My entire life.  But for anyone who thinks this is some kind of cop out…  Well, believe Me, I am virtually fearless and I can still feel the apprehension in My heart even now.  For Me, this is like a spiritual retreat, the final stage of ‘letting go’ – to truly be effortless and trust in the universe.  It takes a lot more guts than You might think.

I don’t really have a plan.  Vaguely, the idea is to head toward British Columbia.  I have many friends there I would like to visit but there is really no agenda.  I am letting Myself be one with the universe.  If I find a beautiful spot somewhere that feels like home, that is what it will become.  Needless to say, My posts will become fewer and further between, though I anticipate the stories I have to share will be the kind of stories I want to share.  Stories that empower people, inspire people, remind Us We were born free and We can choose to be free.

Peace and Love!


  1. Hello: I came across your blog by accident – I hope many people do – We have so many “suttle” reminders each day in regards to the state of our world and I hear you “loud and clear!” What your saying is much clearer than you think.
    I admire you viewpoints and I admire your great courage for treking across this great country – I will be watching and would love to meet you and welcome you at the other end (meaning B.C.) I recently made three trips back & forth (by vehicle) from Barrie, Ontario (my home) and you will be amazed at what you will see, hear, learn and experience – maybe you already know but, I just wanted to say my hats off to you and i will be keeping myself updated on you experiences and progress across the most beautiful country in the world. Peace be with you as i am on my own inward journey also and you are an inspiration to me. Thank-you.

    1. Thank You very much! I will update with the story of My travels very soon. I hope that I can continue to be some kind of inspiration without treking across the country. I actually drove across the country over ten years ago and it was one of the most memorable times of My life.
      The subtle reminders are not so subtle anymore and I will be writing about many of them. Please feel free to share Your opinions and thoughts.
      Your comment was the first I read when I returned and it was very encouraging and inspirational for Me as well, thank You. If You are ever in Ontario, message Me, it would be great to meet You. Peace!

  2. Good luck, Sean. I’ll be interested to read about your adventures. I’m sure you will learn a lot, starting with your packing list…

    My wife and I are hiking segments of the Trans Canada Trail — we generally cover 20-24 km/day. At that rate, you’ll pull in to Vancouver next spring 2011. I think you’ll figure out a quicker way, or perhaps an entirely different objective.

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