‘I am That, That I am’

Perhaps one of Bill Hicks most memorable monologues.  Life is definitely like a ride and mine has been a lot like a rollercoaster lately.  Before I left I told My brother that life for Me was like a living comic book, a fantasy adventure in which I am both the author and the hero.  Right now, that is exactly how it feels. 

I have tons to talk about including an arrest in Toronto the week of the G20.  I will be writing more frequently and adding new sections to My blog.  One thing I am very thankful for are the people who are reading this.  Even after not publishing anything for more than two months I still had visitors.  My blog still gets a very modest amount of traffic but has been increasing steadily since I started and the feedback has been very positive.  So, a very sincere thanks to all My readers :).

I will be updating shortly to write about My trip, getting arrested in Toronto, where I am now, what I’m doing to manifest peace, as well as introducing new sections that will include examples of ‘spiritual’ teaching from My daily life and ‘Tales from the Rabbit Hole’ which will be dedicated to sharing some of the seemingly unbelievable syncronicities that demonstrate Our power to perform miracles.  I am Love and I am contagious.

Be back soon…


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