Walking for Peace

Three months ago today, I departed on a hiking trip bound for anywhere as an expression of My desire for Love to manifest Itself in the world to accomplish peace.  The idea was based on My philosophy that one must be the change they want to see in the world.  Of course many people asked Me how I thought walking across the country was any kind of contribution to the global community and the answer is probably best summarized as ‘global non-compliance’, an expression of freedom and being independently sovereign.

The phrase ‘global non-compliance’ is essentially the name of a movement that resonates well with Me as a viable solution for the world’s current problems and (for Me) a fitting answer to many of the challenges I see in the world and with My own government.

Before I left, I commented that My laptop computer’s desktop was becoming crammed with news headlines foreshadowing the oppression of freedoms at the hand of Our governments.  I was beginning to find it more and more difficult to write about world events objectively and present this information in a positive light.  After all, if I cause alarm and fear about any of the things I see unfolding in the world around Us, then I am no better than the fearmongering media.  Sadly, My worldview is that We are the ones responsible, not Our government…

-to be continued.

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