Underworld Angels

Introducing Some of My Friends:

There was an article in the news a few days ago that caught My attention and inspired Me to get back to writing more frequently.  I’ve promised to update My journey (which is becoming an increasingly daunting task in itself), I’m getting back to painting, will be creating an audio version of My Book, organizing a YouTube channel and networking with other artists who share My intention.  I am also trying to keep up with movies, books and music that people share with Me.  I also work full time which can be draining – I find I have to make a concious effort to be or do something creative…  Anything creative…  But when I sat down last night to write the post and linked to where I had bookmarked the article, there was only a ‘page not found’ error.  This was still true when I came home today and started thinking about what else I might want to write about.

However, some of My friends are truly shamens in their own right and I had written one of them yesterday as well, discussing My plans to share their work on My Blog and upcoming YouTube channel, as well as My intention to post to My Blog more frequently.  So Snoop Santana sent Me a couple more of his videos and told Me a little more about his musical talents as well.  This guy is an incredible artist and I figure there could be no better way to express My creative intention than by sharing another artist’s work with You.

There are no coincidences in My universe.  As I went to post the broken link to the news article, the link was working again!  Only moments before writing this entry, I had checked it and it was still broken.  But now the link is working.  The universe is My teacher, too.  I know it is important to express My thoughts on the article, and I will.  But I believe it is also equally important to pay attention to the beautiful things We see every day, the smallest detail that can make Us smile…  The hearts of people like Snoop Santana who live only to put smiles on the faces of the people they meet.  Thank You Snoop for letting Me give something beautiful to My readers!

Dreamers, keep dreaming!

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