One of the most powerful forces at work in the world today is the artist’s expression of Love, Divine intention.  Xavier Rudd was introduced to Me by a colleague at work along with many other amazing musicians…  But the moment I heard Rudd, I knew I was going to listen to a lot more.  I don’t feel like getting too heavy today, nor do I feel I have the mental dexterity to say what I would like to say.  Instead I think I’m going to listen to Xavier, burn one down and read the first issue of the Kabuki comic book series.  I hope those who take the time to read this entry will enjoy a little Xavier with Me.  Peace and Love!

P.S. – Bud, You’re comment showed up in My inbox, but not on the Blog…  Art is subjective, so it really doesn’t matter what I think of the piece You bought, but I do like it.  Thanks again for following My Blog and communicating Your thoughts, I sincerely appreciate Your interest.

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  1. I sent the image to you email instead of your blog because it is not clear how I would upload an image to your blog. The image is part of the comment and I was hoping you would have some insights into the nature of the artist by looking at an example of his work.

    I agree that art is subjective, but it does not follow that your opinion is of no consequence. It would be safe to say that you have no idea who is artist Ken Foster, but I was hoping you would have interest in the work of someone who has much in common with you. The art I bought from you at the Vancouver Art Gallery is another part of my small themed collection.

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