A Beautiful Day – Birthday Brunch With Mom

Yesterday I had lunch with My mom.  My mother told Me all of her dreams when I was young and I used to write them in My journal.  I believed My mother was an angel and that there was no reason such a wonderful woman should be made to struggle or be kept from her dreams.  If anyone deserved happiness, surely it must be My mother.  And every request made with the most sincere and heartfelt intention is always realized.  My mother now lives the dream she once told Me she aspired to know.  I came into My own spirituality two and a half years ago now and it has caused some conflict with My family.  I know the power of Our dreams, and I am now asking them to dream for something more.  I recently resolved to communicate My ideas to family through music and My Blog.

At work We listen to a mainstream radio station that plays a mix of music.  Although I’m not a personal fan of Bon Jovi, sometimes I like music just because it reminds Me of someone.  The song ‘What Do You Got?’ plays almost every day and every time I heard it, I would think of My mom and how much I thought she would love this song.  I thought about sending her a You-tube link in an e-mail along with the lyrics.  But as We got in the car to drive home from her birthday brunch, she told Me she wanted to play Me a song.  She pressed play on the CD player and of course, it was Bon Jovi’s ‘What Do You Got?’.  I was reminded of the time I sent her an e-mail from Japan telling her I wanted her to listen to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, that the universe would bring it to her and she should listen.  The song played on the next TV program she watched and she wrote Me back to tell Me what an amazing coincidence it was.  But the universe is Our teacher and there are no coincidences…

My mom also told Me that she enjoyed My post “Messages” by Xavier Rudd and I promised I would post her song here too.  So this is for You mom, with Love.

“I believe the change can get Us up off Our knees”…  What is ‘the change’ He’s talking about..?


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