Rub Charlie the Wrong Way and Sheen Shines!

My mother and I share an appreciation for the show Two and a Half Men.  I told her that I had the first season on DVD and that watching it always reminded Me of her.  It is wonderful to see My mother laugh and this show never disappointed.  She told Me she really liked Charlie Sheen and I told her I wasn’t surprised.  I also think He is a great man and I asked her to pay attention to Him.  I told Her I feel He is using His success and fame to create awareness, that He speaks out for many of the things I believe in and that the media will soon try to destroy Him.

CBS pulls plug on ‘Two and a Half Men’ season after startling Sheen remarks…

This was the first headline I saw when I checked My e-mail.  But of course they are pulling the plug because of what Charlie Sheen has said.  They are shutting Him down because they are scared.  Because words have power, especially when wielded by a Warlock.  I think this is exactly the outcome Sheen was hoping for – it shows that the networks are afraid of what He can do to them.  It suggests there may be some truth to what Charlie says.

The media has said His rant ‘reeks of anti-Semitism’.  If You are interested in hearing what Sheen actually said, click here for a link to the actual radio interview with Alex Jones and My own thoughts on Sheen’s approach and what He means when He calls Himself a Warlock.

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