Words of a Warlock: Sheen’s Shining Example

I was with one of My best friends yesterday, a friend I have known since high school, the first person to acknowledge and accept Me when I moved to a new city and started a new school.  Like My Brother, He has heard all My crazy philosophies and ideas as I’ve grown up.  He’s always kind of regarded Me as something of  a marvel and often encouraged My own internal development of who and what I perceived Myself to be, calling Me a freak of nature,  telling Me I am genetically gifted, have superhuman reflexes and a brilliant mind…  the number of graces He has blessed Me with over the years are countless.  Needless to say, He is one of the few with whom I can fully be Myself.  I was recalling how I had felt pressure and a strong tingling sensation on My forehead and crown chakra for almost two weeks after first discovering that I am God, that We are God – and there was nothing strange about saying it.  But there is a great deal of power in the declaration of it…  And it is amazing to have a friend one can speak so frankly with – thanks Bro!

Words have power.  You will become what You declare Yourself to be.  Perceive Yourself as that and You become that which You perceive Yourself to be.  I test this theory as the product of My own experiment.  I am the universe, I am Love, I am Peace and I am remembering My promise.  I see My dream being made manifest more and more every day, as people all over the world cry for freedom, invisible armies serving a singular intention, answering My call to conscience.  I create peace from My living room because I know My thoughts are creative, I know My intention has already been realized and I use My imagination to determine how it will come to be – this is the joy of knowing Yourself as the Creator.  Charlie Sheen has answered My call to conscience the same way I have answered His.  He asks for His fans to speak out on His behalf, to defend Him and that is what I will do.  Where are the inappropriate anti-Semitic remarks that the networks go on about?  Is it when He says He turns tin cans into gold?  That part made Me laugh.  He is letting the world know He’s an alchemist who’s mastered His craft.  The media wants You to believe He is crazy, they would want You to think the same of Me.  Because what We tell You, what We promise is so much grander than anything they can compete with.  Charlie Sheen will show up at work on Tuesday because He will be demonstrating that He is responsibly fulfilling His contract.  The network may not produce any more shows, but My guess is that Sheen will once again work His alchemy and turn every unproduced show into gold once again by claiming the $1.8 million per episode in a courtroom.

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