For Japan

I have been busy with a variety of new projects but I took some time off today.  I feel a deep sense of compassion in My heart for all the Japanese, and everyone else in the world today who suffers.  Respectfully I ask, please do not let Our compassion for the Japanese, or the Haitians, or any other group that suffers a tragic event, eclipse Us from the suffering that takes place every day in countries all over the world including Our own and will continue in places like Japan and Haiti long after Our relief efforts and the media have stopped focusing Our attention on them.  There are a great many people I know personally in Japan and care for deeply.  The Japanese people I have known here and in Japan are some of the most compassionate, respectful, kind and generous people I have ever known – My heart goes out to You, My spirit is with You.  The Japanese are also very strong and very disciplined – I don’t doubt they amaze the world with how fast they rebuild…




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