Becoming a Student of the Universe

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This post is My ‘highest teaching’.  By that, I simply mean that this is all anyone really needs to achieve their greatest dreams.  I will begin once again with My first lesson, reverting back to the Buddhist proverb…

I.  “When the student is ready, the master appears.”

Because I am calling this My ‘highest’ teaching, it is important to understand the proverb, otherwise it is pretentious for Me to suggest I can teach You anything You don’t already know.  You are the Truth.  Only You can judge and evaluate the ideas that others present to You.  In order to become a student of the Universe, one must understand that there are no coincidences.  You are here, I am offering to teach You something, but You are the real teacher, as only You can determine if what I say is true based on what others before Me have told You and Your previous life experiences – this is how the Universe is Your teacher.

II.   “I think, therefor I am.” – Descartes

I have chosen this as the second lesson because I feel Descartes deserves some recognition for his work and some defense from Eckhart Tolle who calls this quote one of the greatest philosophical errors and the root of ego in ‘A New Earth’.  But I feel Tolle is somewhat undermining Descartes by taking the word thought, changing it to consciousness and presenting it to the world as an entirely new philosophical breakthrough.  Descartes could just as easily have declared “I Am, therefor I am” but Jesus already said “I am That, That I am” and few people understood that.  Descartes is referring to the root thought, which is consciousness, the most basic thought, awareness, knowing You exist.  This is the foundation of creation.

III.  “A man is but a product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes” – Ghandi

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The third lesson is a very natural progression.  Awareness of self is the foundation of creation, what I call Love.  Every additional thought adds to the perception of Self We call ego.  This is why Tolle calls it one of the greatest philosophical errors and why this is My most important teaching.  We cannot exist without ego, so to say that one should try to free themselves of their ego doesn’t really make sense.  It’s kind of like saying You should try to exist without knowing You exist.  In all fairness, I do understand what Tolle is trying to say and he is right, there is something to be discovered when one becomes free from all of their perceptions (or preconceptions) of Self, the experience of awakening to the true Self, enlightenment, whatever You want to call it.  But ego is not Our enemy.  When one takes from the experience the wisdom gained and applies it to the physical reality, that is when the magic begins.

IV.  “I am That, That I am” – Jesus

This is the fundamental problem with trying to escape ego.  Every spiritual master, every great leader has had an ego.  They have used ego as a tool.  They have declared themselves teachers and messengers and demonstrated incredible discipline carrying out their work.  They have chosen to lead by example and use ego as the ultimate expression of Self.  It is Your greatest gift if You know  how to use it.    What are You?  What word or idea best represents who and what You are?  Choose it, declare it out loud, write it on a piece of paper.

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V.  “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vicci” , Faust

“By the power of Truth, I while living have conquered the Universe” (translation).

That is My Truth, and with It I have conquered the Universe.  It can be Your Truth, too, if You choose It.  With It, You can accomplish anything Your heart desires – I give You My Word.  This is how it works:

The hardest lesson, is the first.  The Universe has been speaking to You Your entire life, but You haven’t been listening.  It has been showing You everything You need to see, but You haven’t been looking.  So, start with lesson 4 and work backwards.

I.)  Choose to be.  “I am _____”  Write it down, say it out loud, to Yourself, visualize what You have chosen to be if possible.

II.)  Be It.  Be what You just declared Yourself to be.  Whatever You have chosen to be means something to You.  Consider what it means to be what You just chose to be and think about how to best represent that idea of who You are to the world.  This is how ego can be used to Your advantage.

III.)  Pay attention to Your thoughts.  If You begin to declare You are not what You chose to be, You must remember what You chose to be and correct Your thinking.  Pay attention to Self doubt, it will be natural if You have any insecurities about becoming what You chose to be.  Catch Your Self thinking this way whenever You can, but don’t punish Your Self.  This is new and it gets easier as You grow into what You chose to be…

IV.)   Now You should be able to see what the Universe is showing You and hear what it is telling You.  If You try this technique every day for a week, You will undeniably notice the Universe begin to open up to You, presenting new opportunities for You to become whatever it was You chose to be.  Pay attention to ‘coincidences’ and remember there are none.  You will begin to understand that the Universe has always been talking to You…  And now You will listen.

In My next entry, I will be applying this philosophy to My own life and documenting the developments so that You have an opportunity to see how this Truth does in fact work for Me…  And how I am about to use it to conquer the Universe…  Or at least Earth;).


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