Philosophical Application: Being the Elephant, Part 1

In My last post I outlined what I call My highest teaching in five steps.  To call it My highest teaching may sound pretentious but the entire motivation behind this Blog and My Book is to help others come into their power.  It is true to say that there is nothing I can teach You because the wisdom of the Universe exists within You.  Yet, if it remains undiscovered, Your greatest strength and power remains untapped.  This is not new information.  For those who understand quantum physics and noetic sciences, everything I am trying to explain to You has been proven and documented scientifically – Your mind literally has the power to change the world when You understand how it works.  I want nothing more than for every human being on the planet to understand this power.

“Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vicci”

“By the power of Truth, I while living have conquered the Universe”

I said one should start with the final lesson and work backwards.  There are two reasons for this.  First, it is easier to let the Universe be Your teacher when You are clear about who and what You are.  The second reason, is time.  Time gets to be complicated very quickly, so I’m not going to discuss it in any great detail, I am just going to say that time is a trick…  That is why the theory works better in reverse.  You already are what You perceive Your Self to be; time is the road that leads You to the experience of what You are.  That’s it!  That’s why it’s tricky.  Because if You choose to be something else tomorrow, time begins to lead You toward that experience.  Every time You change Your mind, the Universe opens new pathways and time walks You down them until You arrive at the experience You last chose.  If You choose only one thing, there is nothing else to become but that which You are…

I don’t know how else to say it, how much more plainly I can write it.  With what I have told You, You can transform the Universe, You own it!  This is My playground, Our playground!  I believe I came here to teach and I have always led by example.  I’m tired of waiting for someone else to stand up and say enough is enough.  I’ve shared with You everything I know, now I am going to show You how I apply it.

I have been a student of the Universe since I first became enlightened – there, I said it.  I am enlightened.  I had just discovered that I was not what I had perceived My Self to be, but something infinitely more powerful.  But it was very difficult to identify with this in the physical reality because nothing could be greater.  How can I ever be what I know I am?

Well, the first new person to enter into My physical reality was a woman in Japan who told Me she was deeply spiritual with magical powers.  This was literally only a few hours after My experience.  Previously, I probably would have thought this woman was nuts before even giving Her a chance…  But I had chosen to listen to the Universe and pay attention.  So I did.  She told Me She had messaged Me because She had been told to by the Gods.  I asked Her what they said.  She said, “You are the spirit of the Elephant.  You stand for Peace, Love, Truth and Strength.  You are going to change the world?!”

“Yes, I am going to change the world.  I have magical powers too.”

And so it began.  I could easily brush this off as coincidence.  But there are no coincidences, I am listening now.  So, I begin My spiritual quest to transform the Earth with an alter-ego, the Spirit of the Elephant.  I now have a physical representation of My spiritual intention.  I had also always had a fascination with elephants and enjoyed painting them, not by any coincidence.  I know that My ego can never be as great as what I know the true Self to be, so the Elephant is a great way to visualize that I am much bigger than My physical body.  The idea of what I am is much greater than I appear to be.  This is also Truth.  I really can’t be as great as I truly am in the physical reality – in the physical reality, all anyone can perceive is My ego.  Sure, I could drop all My material possessions and give up vanity, but then I am an expression of modesty.  I can achieve all kinds of material wealth, but then I am ‘rich’, or ‘wealthy’.  I am always going to be perceived as something, and this is how the ego is an expression of who We are.

I began to see elephants everywhere I went.  The more I noticed, the more I saw.  People started giving Me elephants to wear around My neck…  Then one day I started talking to a complete stranger, a fellow artist who saw Me painting downtown Vancouver one day.  We talked for a while and I explained to Him My intention.  I’m not even sure if I told Him I wanted a physical representation of My spiritual intention, but the next day He came to Me with a drawing, an image He said came to Him in a dream and He knew it was meant for Me.  It is now the inlay artwork in My Book, ‘Global Guardian’ (D.H.).

How does enlightenment allow You to conquer the Universe?  Because You will discover You are the Universe.  I am not going to work at any job that requires Me to pay income tax or use a name.  I make My Universal intention clear with ceremonies, a bonfire to burn all forms of identification, spiritual rebirth, becoming what I am.  But how exactly does one go about accomplishing world peace?

Well, the Elephant represents Peace, Love, Truth and Strength.  The Truth is Love.  When the world knows Love, the world will know Peace.  So the Elephant is an appropriate symbol of My spiritual intention for Love to be known and Elephants are hard to ignore.  I am Love and I will use the Elephant to reflect My spiritual intention.  The Elephant will become a symbol for Peace the world cannot ignore.

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  1. Sean: I’ve been occasionally checking back on Your articles, looking for readers’ replies and hoping someone engages You in discussion. Readers’ comments often demonstrate an understanding of the topic and they may offer a helpful point of view. Sorry if this Student is completely clueless.

    I like Elephants too, in principle, but the elephants I have actually met are smelly and potentially dangerous.


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