Evolution: Becoming the Elephant

Having the first ‘stranger’ enter into My reality and tell Me that I am the spirit of the Elephant, that I stand for Peace, Love, Truth and Strength was perfect.  It emulated all the virtues I wished to project to the world and released Me from the pressure and responsibility of trying to live up to Jesus or convince the world I was Him.  For some reason, people will believe that a man can be the spirit of the Elephant with a great deal more ease than believing a man might have the spirit of Jesus.

I would soon learn it wouldn’t have mattered what spirit or form I chose to emulate or visualize, only the intention to be True mattered.  For the first time in My life, I was listening to My heart – I mean, really listening.  I am inclined to tell You that it was hard at first, but it wasn’t.  I made a choice, and I stuck to it.  Simple.  The hard part was realizing the kind of things I would have to tell people, what it really means to be Truthful.

The only reason I identified with Christ in the first place was because I had heard about Him in Sunday school.  But I was angry about it.  I was furious to hear that People were waiting for Jesus to come back and save the world!  That was My job!  I also didn’t like that they were telling everyone that if We didn’t believe the story, We would go to hell.   Oh, and when they told Me about that!…  I knew it was nonsense.  I’ve even had people tell Me that if a child is born and never hears Jesus’ name, it too would be damned – by God!  How insane are these ideas?

So, I don’t really relate to Jesus, at least not the way most People do.  Jesus was a teacher.  Jesus did not want You to bow to Him or worship Him.  In fact, that was why He gave His life, so that He could suffer for all of Your sins, so that You could live free from guilt, not wallow in it.  He taught the very same things I teach and He never suggested that He was greater than anyone else.  He said, “I tell You the Truth, if You have faith as small as a mustard seed, You can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’, and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for You. – Matthew, 17:20

Jesus wanted the world to know that anyone could do the things Jesus did, all they needed was ‘faith’.  And really, the difference between Jesus and the average human being, is that Jesus did not need faith – He knew. When You know, You don’t need to ask or be unsure, it just is.  But that is why faith is such a huge part of the Bible.  It is about teaching You to believe in things You can’t believe, the first step to understanding You are much greater than You think.

But, despite My personal issues with Christianity and organized religion in general, despite embracing the spirit of the Elephant to begin My quest, I began reflecting Truth in the most incredible way.  This was how I began to see that I could not change anyone’s perception of reality.  I was quite comfortable telling people I was the spirit of the Elephant because I figured most people probably hadn’t ever heard of it.  This also turned out to be a great way to present My idea.  But, although I never once had anyone tell Me they don’t believe I am the spirit of the Elephant, that I am only a man; I often had People tell Me they don’t believe I am the spirit of the Elephant, they believe I am Christ.  I have had people call Me Ghandi, Buddha, Christ, Ganesh, Shiva and others, but they all represent the same idea – Truth, Love, Peace.

However, Truth is far more powerful than most would believe.  I may not be Jesus, but I can perform miracles – big ones, like moving mountains, for example.   My mother and aunt came out to visit Me in Vancouver shortly after I’d had My experience.  My mom had rented a car for the week and because the weather was so beautiful and My aunt was visiting from Scotland, she really wanted to take My aunt to Whistler.  However, she confided in Me that she was terrified of the drive because she is not that comfortable in cars she doesn’t know, but she is so kind and caring, that she would be riddled with guilt if My aunt came all the way to BC and didn’t get a chance to see Whistler.  After thinking about it a minute, she decided I would be with her, I would keep her thinking positive and We would get there – We would go the next day to get it out of the way so My mom could enjoy the rest of her vacation.

There was no win in this.  My mother (Love You) worries -to the point where even with Me coaching her along the entire drive up, she would be a mess of nerves by the time she got there and completely exhausted by the end of the day.  It simply would not have been a fun day for My mom.  I also understood how bad she would feel if My aunt didn’t get a chance to see Whistler, the guilt would weigh on her far too heavily and I didn’t want that either.  So, that night as I began My meditation, I began pondering the situation.  How could I do both?  I can do anything, right?  Okay, so what can I do?  Terrible weather, that would work….  But that would also ruin any plans We have here and We don’t want it raining the whole week they are on vacation…  Car trouble is another headache We don’t even want to consider…  How about…  An avalanche?  That might work!  I know, it’s big…  But I can do it so nobody gets hurt, right?  I mean, if I can manifest an avalanche, surely I can do it when nobody is there.  You know how to take care of all that stuff, right?  Sorry man, tall order, but that’s all I got…

The next day when I woke up I was to meet My mom and aunt at their hotel.  When I get there, I ask if We are heading up to Whistler.  But My mom says, “No, there was a huge landslide last night that closed the highway.  We heard it on the radio, they say it might take the whole week to clean up, I don’t think We’re going to have a chance to go.”

I felt as if I were in shock for a moment.  Then My heart, ‘How You like Me now?’.

I Love You man, You are freakin’ awesome!

So, I just received a comment from Bud on My last post.  It reads:

“Inhale…  So let Me get this straight:  You are hearing voices and You claim to be Jesus?  That’s awesome!  Exhale.”

It gave Me a good chuckle and is (of course) the perfect intro for My closing paragraph.  I am whatever people perceive Me to be.  I cannot tell You what I am because what I am most cannot perceive.  I am not claiming to be Jesus, I am claiming to tell You the Truth about what I am, which is exactly what Jesus was trying to do.  Bud, most won’t believe what I am, which is why this is fictional.  I am no longer teaching so much as I am expressing My Self.

We all have Our own destiny and I do know there are a great number of souls on the planet right now that came exclusively for the evolution of humanity.  I don’t know if You are one of them, only You do.  But I know what I came here for, and I know My creative power.  All I’m really trying to tell You is that things will seem to be happening very quickly as We move toward Peace.  There is no question where We are going, it’s all about how We get there.

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