From Concept to Conception: Becoming the Elephant

My entire life I used My creative power without ever knowing it, just as most of Us do.  My parents named Me Sean and I used to reflect on this as a boy.  I used to wonder if Sean was a good name for what I was.  I used to think that Shine would be better for Me because people always seem happier when the sun shines.  But I thought if I could shine like the sun and make people happy, then maybe people would say that I ‘Sean’ like the sun…  So I learned to like it.  In fact, I thought this was slightly better than Shine because it was less obvious.  I had an instinctive sense that I was protecting something, that if people knew what I could do, they would try to hurt Me.  As a child, I think Our dog sensed this too, as My mother tells Me he never left My side and would let no one near Me.  My mother is an angel and she provided the Love and nurturing I needed until I was old enough to take care of Myself, My father was tough and gave Me the thick Elephant skin and mental strength I would need later.  But there were many memorable moments of programming, something I did naturally, something I continued to do even after people would tell Me it made no difference, that I had no capacity to program My body or physical composition.  I decided I would not get cancer or any of the other potentially life-threatening diseases that seemed to be plaguing the planet and I would have an immune system that would overcome any virus so efficiently, I should never be sick.  I determined that My genetics would be suitable for anything I chose to do from athletic pursuits to intellectual ones.  I also determined I should be able to eat whatever I want without having to worry about My health.  But there were other things I was less consciously aware of that I had done to prepare Myself, conspiring with the Universe to achieve My destiny.  I had privately taken an interest in philosophy, psychology, science and evolution.  I began to wonder if perhaps evolution would be a plausible explanation for the physical reality to explain human potential not yet realized – to suggest that We are (or at least will be) capable of much more than We are now.  I also decided that when I get this all figured out, I would need a way to communicate these ideas to the world and I would need to be able to do it quickly.  This may sound insignificant, but I am 37 years old now.  The first time I was told a computer had the potential to communicate with people all over the world almost instantaneously, I decided that would be perfect.  At the time I was programming basic video games in DOS, Microsoft hadn’t even been invented yet.

These were the types of things I did as I grew up, always believing that somehow, one day, I would discover something that would change the world forever.  Perhaps the most significant difference about Me is that I simply believed I could not be stopped.  No matter what, the Universe was going to ensure My success and this I have always believed.  Then, at thirty-five, I achieved My destiny – I realized…  I am Jesus!?

I mean really, that’s what it was!  I still remember sitting on the edge of My bed after the experience, laughing to Myself.  “You gotta be kidding Me!”  And that voice…  The same voice, the one that has been with Me all the way along, “You have always known this…”  And My mind flashes back to Sunday school where I first learned about Jesus and heard about how He was coming back at the end of time to save humanity.  I remember thinking the whole story had been a lie, that they had no idea what they were talking about.  I was the one who was coming back to save the world and My name isn’t Jesus!  I didn’t say anything in Sunday school, I didn’t really understand.  I wasn’t really sure if they got the story wrong, or if I had been given the wrong name.  Either way, I had heard enough about Jesus and I wasn’t going to wait – I also told My mom I didn’t ever want to go to church again, I told her they didn’t know God.  My mother promised she would never make Me go again, and she didn’t.  But I’m still sitting on the edge of My bed, trying to take it all in…  “Alright, so I’m Jesus freakin’ Christ and now I’m going to change the world?”…

I can’t really describe how the Universe speaks to Me, it just does.  If I were to tell You how it responded, it was something like, ‘good choice’, or ‘way to go champ’, something like that.  But I knew now that this feeling, this ‘voice’, was something real, My very, very best friend.  We were going to do this together, it was Our plan all along.  But the very first order of business was taking care of this Jesus thing – I simply couldn’t walk around the world telling people I was Jesus if I wanted to have any success.  I immediately understood the perfection in being named Sean, the Universe had taken some precautionary measures to ensure My success…  But Sean wasn’t right now either.  So I thought about what Jesus was, what the name meant.  Whether real or fictional, people believe that one man has the power to change the world – My impossible dream has just become possible.  It doesn’t matter what people see, it doesn’t change who I am or what I can do.  I will let them decide what I am,  ‘See, that was easy – You were made for this!’, comes the reply from My heart.

From there, I started thinking about all of the things that would need to change in the world for Peace to be known.  Money would have to go, borders would have to go…

‘Anything else?’

Wow, really!?

‘Sure, if that’s what You think it will take.’

Thank You so much!

‘Your dream is My dream.’

Okay, so how do I tell people this is happening?

‘Tell people this is happening.’

But how can I convince them this is happening now?

‘How’s that evolution theory of Yours working out?’

Wow, You are awesome!

‘Yes.  And I think as long as You tell them what You’re doing, it won’t be long before they can see.’

Oh yeah, I forgot about all that!

Although it is somewhat tongue in cheek, this is how My creative process works and the dialogue is continuous.  We do all have this creative power and all things in the Universe really are conspiring to help Me teach it to You.  The Japanese woman I met was really just confirmation that My spiritual intention had been realized – I embraced an idea, the idea that a man has the power to change the world and that if I took that idea and carried it into the Universe, people would begin to see Me for what I really am.  And so I accepted the first Universal gift I had given Myself, the spirit of the Elephant – I am Peace, Love, Truth and Strength.



    1. Hey Bud,
      I replied to Your comment in My last post, so if You haven’t read it yet I think it will answer the second part of Your question, as for the first – I don’t hear voices, those are My thoughts. How do You write a comment if there is no voice in Your head? See, this is exactly the problem. So many people don’t even pay attention to their ‘voice’. It is one voice, one observer and one mind, judging everything You experience. When You connect the right thoughts with the right feelings, magic really does happen.
      Peace and Love Brother
      I’m setting up a YouTube channel that might be helpful for You, Bud. It will open Your eyes up to a lot of new ideas and You will find My theories are not as crazy as You think. One day, everyone will understand what I teach, this is a promise – even You, Bud. 🙂

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